21 Day Fix

Hi readers & friends. Amanda here, about to tell it like it is in a topic that I honestly hate & loathe & despise but am really working on loving... MY BODY.  K so here we go. All throughout my life growing up I was deceivingly active. I say it that way because I danced… Continue reading 21 Day Fix

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Are You Thriving?

I’ve noticed recently when I ask people how their day is going; more often than not I get a version of “good” or even the “well, I’m here.” I get that. I so get that. Some days that’s all you can do, just be there. Existing. Life is hard. Recently work has been challenging… the… Continue reading Are You Thriving?


What’s Your Timezone

This entire post begins with one photo I saw circulating Facebook & the awestruck moment I had after reading it.... so. See below, friends. After reading this last week I just sat on my couch & actually cried tears of relief, letting all my stress about the future & anxiety about everything roll down. Wow.… Continue reading What’s Your Timezone


A Fresh Coat of Paint

Hello Friends! Recently I've been doing some painting & decorating in our home... It's been a CHORE but also the best thing I could've done to make our house feel ours. I'd always heard what a fresh coat of paint could do for a space & I desperately wanted to try it out. The past three… Continue reading A Fresh Coat of Paint


Food for Thought

Hello Friends - Hope you've all been doing well. My life yet again is in a constant state of whirlwind. It's funny how life works out that way... Even though I'm currently only working part time, my life as a new homeowner, wife & friend is more than full-time. We've been so excited to settle… Continue reading Food for Thought