Dating Your Friends

What a strange way of thinking about that, right? So often, my husband & I joke that we feel like we're "dating" our couple friends... What outfits should we wear? Are these bars hip enough for them? Oh no, clean the house. Remember to bring up that sports game.... It's funny. I thought I stopped… Continue reading Dating Your Friends


Party of Two

This past weekend hubs & I decided to have a New Years Eve party.... of two that is. {Five if you count our pups & a pup we're watching for a friend}. We wanted to go out & celebrate ringing in the new year with friends downtown - but honestly with three dogs & work… Continue reading Party of Two


Instagram Husband

Recently, my husband's nickname has become the above... Not because I post millions of photos of him, but because of his unending support of all my endeavors - most recently this blog & the photos needed to make it successful. Back when we first started dating, he was an outsider to the world of social… Continue reading Instagram Husband