Contently Me

As I sit here, reflecting on this Holiday season that has so quickly come & gone, I can't help but think about all we have. While the New Year is right around the corner bringing bright resolutions & promises, I want to take this time to look back & see all I've accomplished in 2017...… Continue reading Contently Me


Christmas Bucket List

CHRISTMAS IS ALMOST HERE!!! That being said, are there things on your list of Holiday traditions that you just need to complete? Let's talk about mine & everything I force my husband to do in the process. Put up inside Christmas decorations - normally I wait until December 1st, but this year I got the itch… Continue reading Christmas Bucket List


Mani Pedi, Baby

Let's talk about what a great mani / pedi can do for you. Girl. {or boy, my hubs loves pedicures on the random occasion} For the longest time I could never afford to have my nails done on a regular basis... They were done for proms, homecomings, formals & whenever mom took pity on me… Continue reading Mani Pedi, Baby


Tis the Season…

Hello again! Sorry for the little vacation, but this Thanksgiving Holiday was somewhat busy for me. Between our  inlaws visiting, work & the hustle & bustle, it's been a time before I could sit back down to write.  But here I am, & ready to be back. During this past week, my social media timeline… Continue reading Tis the Season…


Two Fashion Myths – Debunked

Here we go... Now one of my earlier blog posts talked about destroying the fashion myth "Don't mix gold with silver," but this post will be dedicated to debunking two more: Denim can't be worn with Denim - that's not cool You're only allowed to wear white between Memorial Day & Labor Day Alright... So when… Continue reading Two Fashion Myths – Debunked


A Beautiful Glazed Donut…

Let's talk the importance of the highlight. While this might be scary to some of you, it's oh so necessary for a perfectly balanced face while doing your makeup. Growing up  learning about the new trend to contour my face, I didn't catch up to highlighting until my dear friend Savvy & I discovered it… Continue reading A Beautiful Glazed Donut…


All I Want For Christmas…

I'm sitting here, in 48 degree weather, drinking my morning cup of coffee with my fake fireplace on... when I turn on the TV & am immediately hit with CHRISTMAS! Christmas is my favorite time of year & the fact that it's more & more socially acceptable to celebrate the season earlier makes me so… Continue reading All I Want For Christmas…