21 Day Fix

Hi readers & friends. Amanda here, about to tell it like it is in a topic that I honestly hate & loathe & despise but am really working on loving… MY BODY. 

K so here we go.

All throughout my life growing up I was deceivingly active. I say it that way because I danced 5 days a week, cheered & swam all throughout high school – but never actually went to a gym & physically worked out. But that worked for me. My metabolism was on fire. I was young & ate whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted with zero consequences… so I thought. When I started college, I gained the freshman 15 – but that was expected with all the stress, studying & college lifestyle, right? Well when I turned 21, I gained another 10lbs – cause sugary fabulous alcohol. When I graduated college & got married… suddenly I found myself another 15lbs heavier. Do the math. 40lbs in 4 years. Not the worst, but come on. I hadn’t ever gone to the gym before, I didn’t change anything in my routine aside from stopping my extra circular activities like dancing, cheering & swimming. I still ate really healthy, drank moderately & was generally active in my jobs.

Ask me how many times around new years in the past three years I’ve gotten a gym membership… 3. The answer’s three.

Ask me how many times I cancelled them because I quit going around February… 3. The answer’s three.

I’m going to be really honest here, I hated myself in photos. I used an app to adjust my waist size because “camera angles don’t do me justice, I’m not actually that large.” I was changing my style to include flowy clothing because I didn’t want my muffin top to start showing. But that wasn’t enough for me to do something about it.

I hate running. It hurts me knees. It’s boring. It’s too hot. Give me an excuse & I’ll use it on you. I want to do group fitness classes, but they’re too expensive & my work schedule is too busy for the class times. I was stuck in a poor me rut with no motivation to get out.

All props to kev here. He encouraged me to reach out to his friend who he knew in college {A fellow Amanda} who was a beach body coach. He had seen her the past couples months really change not only her body, but lifestyle & mindset into something so inspiring & positive. He kept going on about how proud he was of her & how he wanted that for me. I wanted that too. I wanted him to be proud of me in all areas, not just how cool my job is, how great I decorate our home or how I can change my hair from blonde to brunette without batting an eye.

So I reached out to Amanda. I hit her with ALL my questions. I told her my sob story about how I used to be so fit & now life just got in the way before my own eyes. I told her I changed my diet, I’d workout a little but never stay motivated… I gave her every sob story I could think of. & you know what… she got it. She sympathized. She agreed. She’d been there too. I expected to get hit with some Beach Body brainwashing & philosophy about how I just need to follow these simple steps & then boom get these results. But she was awesome & encouraging & helped me figure out what I wanted to do in order to make a change.

Alright, backstory aside, let’s talk about what I’ve been up to the past month since starting Beach Body:

First I decided that I wanted to ultimately work up to 80 Day Obsession, a program they have that looked terrifying to me, but also exciting. I bought that challenge pack so I’d have all the supplies, but it also included every tool I’d need to start two programs before: Clean Week & 21 Day Fix.


As I was waiting for my shakeology, weights, bands, mat & containers to arrive in the mail, I started on a short 7 day program {with my on demand subscription} called Clean Week to help jumpstart myself into eating correctly & working out again. My skin was in line. My mental health was in line. My nutrition was getting back to being in line. I was just missing the active side.

So here’s my starting photos. I don’t cringe when I look at them, bc I know that woman was at her strongest… bc she decided to make a change! I started the workouts & really liked how simple but effective they were in the sense that I could modify everything or intensify everything. I also liked that the trainer explained everything & was so encouraging.

I was given ALL this great information on how to make a grocery list, how to plan meals & what recipes to use as well. I decided to go with the “Protein Packed Salad” for lunches & the Veggie Pita pockets for dinners. I’ll be honest. I went into this thinking I’d bail out in a week or so, so I didn’t really commit too hard into finding & diversifying my meals.

After completing all 7 workouts that week, I retook my photos & was AMAZED with the differences I saw. They were subtle, but they were there! I was more on board with the idea of this Beach Body thing & couldn’t wait to really jump into 21 Day Fix next.

After all my supplies arrived, I dove into this program. Wow was the trainer a little more intense than the Clean Week one, but I loved her. She kept hitting me with quotes like “It doesn’t get easier, you just get stronger,” “If you’re tired of failing then stop quitting,” “If you cheat these, you’re only cheating yourself” & finally “Give me 21 days & I’ll give you the body you’ve always wanted…” OKAY AUTUMN YOU’RE ON. I wasn’t convinced that in 21 days I’d have a great body, but I was almost determined to prove her wrong/find out.

I killed it in the meal prep game, figuring out my colored container portions, prepping them all on Monday for my week ahead & making sure to pack them everyday for lunches & dinners. I found recipes in plan that I loved & really worked for me while being in the hot sun all day. I was honestly concerned that I wouldn’t be full, but it’s amazing how when you eat the right food in the right portions, you feel incredible.

What I love about this program too is there’s an app to help you track your containers for the day, the workouts & how much water you’re drinking… all key parts to being healthy. While I was prepping, instead of bringing the containers with me everyday, I would measure out my food & then pack it in my tupperwear. The key thing I learned is to also bring your food with you. There were days I knew I could stop for dinner, but if I brought it with me before hanging out with friends, I’d stick to my plan & program.

Here you can see my meals & how yummy they look! Even though I alternated between two dinners & just one lunch option, I was never bored of my food. I actually craved it. Then for my snacks throughout the day I ate healthy fats like almonds & fruits fruits fruits. I actually found that my biggest challenge wasn’t getting my water intake, but more eating enough fruit throughout the day.

As I was doing this program each week {there’s 7 different workouts that you repeat every single week} I found how much stronger I was getting. Physically but also mentally to keep myself motivated & doing that extra rep or second hold. I was pushing myself. I was loving myself. I was actually proud of myself. I started an intsagram account just to track my progress & see the changes through photos {you can follow that page here} but noticed that people I knew were starting to become really encouraged by my honesty & transparency.

We all know me, I’m unapologetically honest. That’s literally the tag line of my blog here. I’m real. I talk about things that most people don’t like bringing to light… like my body in this post. But here I am, discussing it, because I think it could really help someone out there.

Am I beautiful? Hell yeh. Was I a month ago? Of course! But is there a difference in my internal self in those short 4 weeks? YES OK YES. It’s incredible just the small change in discipline that triggered a huge change in my lifestyle.

Do I still drink a glass of wine a night with kev while watching our favorite show? yep. Did I add chocolate chips to my protein muffins because I just needed something sweet to kick those cravings? 100% & no shame about it. I don’t want a fad diet, a yoyo diet or something that tears my body apart in the process. I wanted good habits, convenient workouts & the low pressure of just doing it all in my own home.

Having a personal trainer on my TV is amazing. Having access to hundreds of workouts on demand is incredible. Having the shakeology delivered right to my door is so convenient & honestly they’re yummy. Having the support of other coaches & people in my challenge groups makes this fun & competitive. Beach Body, you’re doing something right… that’s for sure.


I’m proud. I really really proud of myself. The Amanda on the left made excuses, where the Amanda on the right makes changes. I dropped 5.8lbs, 5.75 inches… in just 30 days! {but I’ve dropped 20lbs since July when my healthy eating, anxiety free, stress free journey started}

More importantly, TWO WHOLE DRESS SIZES. My all time favorite Lilly P dresses from college fit again & I could cry. I actually did cry okay. No shame. I’m hooked, guys… & if you want to know more, please let me know! Because I’ve started coaching like my coach Amanda & I want to help you make a change in your life just like I did.

Next stop, 80 Day Obsession!

x -A


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