Are You Thriving?

I’ve noticed recently when I ask people how their day is going; more often than not I get a version of “good” or even the “well, I’m here.” I get that. I so get that. Some days that’s all you can do, just be there. Existing. Life is hard. Recently work has been challenging… the days are long, the guests are upset about the bad weather & sometimes it’s all I can do but to smile & nod. But not every single day is like that, right?

I fully believe that the saying “a body in motion, stays in motion” applies here. So a person with a barely-surviving-negative mindset stays in that mindset, right? Right. Lately I’ve been trying to make more of an effort to be more positive. In my post about a fresh coat of paint, that was my mid year resolution… To work on being a fresher, brighter & bolder Amanda. With that I’ve changed my mindset, diet & healthy routine… & I’ll tell you exactly how.

I started first, by telling myself every morning: regardless of what happens, I’m going to find one thing to be happy about & to share with hubs when I got home. From there, I added on that I wanted to make a goal to have an impact on one person & make them smile or laugh. Once I accomplished those everyday, I took it one step further & made a goal to complement someone once a day & really genuinely mean it. My thought process was to change my outlook, share my new outlook & then inspire others to want that outlook too. I honestly can tell you that just on the mental side of things, I really am thriving! I look at things positively before even spewing negativity – which is a new thing for me.

News Flash, it’s been working. Ask anyone at work or in my life recently & they’ll probably tell you that I’ve been happier & all around just more joyful. That’s because I fully believe & tell myself that I’m thriving everyday. Don’t get me wrong, there have definitely been moments were I’ve survived through life rather than thrived… but those are in the past & they’re seasons. Just like this terrible Hurricane season we’re in, the weather changes… Soon the cooler weather will come & give us a break. So give yourself that same mental break! Don’t let your mind live in constant survival mode, negative mode & angry mode. Give. It. A. REST.

Let the seasons of your mind change. Try to start a positive outlook. Try to remember that things come in waves – & that you know how to navigate through them.

Thrive. Survive. Then thrive all over again. Let the seasons come. Look forward to the next one & really appreciate those times because someday you should look back & be proud of all the improvements you’ve made. Isn’t that the goal? To be constantly improving & molding ourselves to be the best version? I want that. I’m living that. I started with my mental side & then started improving my physical & habitual side. It’s incredible how a new mindset can really set your whole life in motion… the right motion.

x -A

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