A Fresh Coat of Paint

Hello Friends! Recently I’ve been doing some painting & decorating in our home… It’s been a CHORE but also the best thing I could’ve done to make our house feel ours. I’d always heard what a fresh coat of paint could do for a space & I desperately wanted to try it out. The past three years of Hubs & I’s marriage have been sent in apartments & rental homes with rules about painting the walls. Something special to note: all the walls in each place were tan. 

As you could imagine, having tan walls with my neutral grey decorating style really, really, really got on my nerves… It was cramping my modern farmhouse style I was trying to emulate as a newly 20-someting, Joanna Gaines wannabe. #goals ok.

The moment – I mean moment – we got the keys to our new home, Kev & I went straight to Home Depot & purchased a gallon of paint to transform our master bedroom. {our house was turn key with grey paint in the hallway & downstairs, aside from the entire upstairs bedrooms being tan & turquoise & one room with a lovely dinosaur mural}

We painted it & immediately we both just went ahhhhhh wow. It was instantly a new room with a fresh & cozy feel. I picked a neutral blue/green which I had loved in various Pinterest posts of “Modern Farmhouse” decorating… My vision was to have the color promote relaxation, tranquility & calming vibes. I also wanted a white comforter with brown & gold accents all throughout… It took me a couple months to save & finally decorate it how I wanted, but the result is everything I had pictured.

{Behr Marquee: In The Moment – Matte Finish}

After having such success with the Master Bedroom we decided to paint the other two guest rooms, Kev’s office & the front door! You can see their transformations below.

{Behr Marquee: Olso Blue – Matte Finish}

{Behr Marquee: Zen – Matte Finish}

{Behr Marquee: English Channel – Matte Finish}

{Behr Marquee: English Channel – Exterior Semi Gloss Finish}


So here we are – the moral of this blog post. It’s amazing what a fresh coat of paint did for our house to make it feel ours, make it feel trendy & make it feel refreshed. Honestly, I’m always trying to find ways to stay in style & trendy – but it really does do wonders for my self esteem & overall outlook on life.  Just simply painting our rooms & switching up the style gave me such a refreshed, proud feeling about our space. It’s my favorite part of our home now! Now if just paint can do that to my mind & outlook… what’s the version of that for life?

Is it a new haircut? A new skincare routine? A new style or manicure? Even shaking things up with a new favorite meal or workout routine. I think we all have the tendency to have areas in life where we’re complacent & comfortable… But honestly, shouldn’t we always strive to be the best & most improved/positive version of ourself? I think so.

I am officially committing to find my “fresh coat of paint” in each area of my life. I think I could use a refresh moment for my lifestyle first. One area I’m really going to be focusing on is my mental outlook & overall positivity towards things that challenge me. I’m going to give myself more slack, give myself some realistic goals & really strive to appreciate all I have accomplished in my career, life & relationships. I’m going to Joanna Gaines my life & “fixer up” this current Amanda into a more positive, happier & refreshed one… Granted, that’ll take time, patience & practice – but what remodel doesn’t?

Here’s to a fresh coat of paint – everywhere.

x -A

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