Moving On Out

Hello friends – Sorry for the two month long hiatus… It’s been a hectic time in my life where I’m just now getting the chance to sit down on the couch with nothing on my agenda except resting & watching some needed HGTV.

WE MOVED. Whew was that a process. Around November, Hubs came to me with the prospect of a job transfer to Tampa, FL… At first I was really upset. We were just starting to really feel settled in Jacksonville & Tampa just didn’t seem to feel right to me. I went to school at USF so I thought I knew the area {for the record I was & very rarely can be wrong, ok} We prayed & prayed, I applied for & got my dream job… & then the time came for us to look for a house. Originally, we decided we would continue renting with the company we had been for the past three years… but something just felt off. One day I vividly remember coming home from work – & Kev said to me “I honestly think we should buy a home… I did some research & it just feels right.”

Cue. My. Panic. Attack. One thing that’s classic Amanda is not dealing with changed plans very well – I’m getting better but my type A personality really struggles when my plans don’t plan out. Kevin always has to remind me that “Just bc it isn’t Amanda’s way, doesn’t mean it’s wrong…” He’s right. I’m working on it, okay? I had already started a spread sheet of rentals in multiple areas. I had plans to go walk through them. We had our budget planned & agreed upon… then WHAM. We switched gears in an instant. But honestly it was the best thing we did…

We found this home we loved online & set up a time to go see it. While on our way, the realtor called & said it was suddenly taken back off the market & the sellers changed their mind. Something felt off, but we wanted to still see the area it was in. I’m so glad we did, bc we found that it was NOT what we wanted – the area, the traffic, the neighborhood, etc. So I did a ton more research, we found a realtor we trusted & tried again.

This time, My parents & I went to see three houses – kev was anxiously waiting on FaceTime bc he couldn’t get off work in time to come in person. Total Millennial move, we’re aware. We walk into the first home: great interior, meh exterior, yuck neighborhood. Next home: Stunning interior, amazing exterior, fabulous neighborhood. Last home: Great interior, great exterior, equally great neighborhood.

The funny part about it was when we pulled up with the realtor to the second home, we already knew this was our number one choice based on the photos & research we’d done. BUT there was a couple there with their own realtor who were supposed to have been gone before our slot. They weren’t. As they walk out, they eyed us up & down super western showdown style & moved to the driveway… {cue Kevin yelling via FaceTime “Amanda. They want this house. Let’s put an offer in NOW”} We walk through the home with Kevin still going “Look outside. Are they still there. Amanda let’s talk offers.” They were in fact STILL in the driveway talking with their realtor as we were inside. Once we came out there was another cordial western eye showdown as we went to our cars.

My parent’s voiced some concerns, which we really appreciated & took into consideration… but we talked it over as a couple & decided to pounce. It was everything we envision our home would be. Gated in neighborhood in suburbia with the perfect mix of new construction & some character. We put in an offer, wrote a letter to the seller’s introducing ourselves & sharing our couple story & how we envisioned raising a family here. {Good thing we did bc our realtor told us we were the first of 11 offers.}

WE GOT THE HOUSE! Now the actual moving part…

Our closing date in Tampa came three days after our lease expired in Jacksonville – so we decided to use PODS to move. It was so easy & affordable considering we didn’t have to add the stress of driving trucks, gas, insurance or being homeless with a truck of all our valuables for three days. They were a life saver. The company dropped them off. We loaded them. They picked them up. Then they were delivered at our new house the day after closing. Easy. Peasy.

To start packing we created a system… We put sticky notes one everything – what we wanted to move, sell & donate. It made us feel extremely organized & helped Kev for loading in case we picked the wrong size PODS to move {we did… we should’ve done two big ones but instead did one big one small} Honestly, it was a blessing in disguise bc we were able to pass the things that didn’t fit on to a family in our old neighborhood that was so grateful & in need.

Next, I created a labeling system to help keep us organized. We decided to mark where each box was going so that whenever it was unloaded anyone would know without having to ask – making the whole process smoother. {Master, Guest 1, Guest 2, Guest 3, etc}

Next, I moved my decorations in the most ingenious way {in my opinion}. Kev had the amazing idea that instead of wasting boxes, we could pack the tiny things into the drawers of our bedroom dressers, then slide them in while they were in the PODS. Built in protection & cutting down on unnecessary space filler. IMG_1842

Another great idea we had was to move all our clothes in trash bags instead of boxes to fill space. I bagged them in bunches & then labeled them in order to clear up any confusion of where they’d go once moved.

Next, I wrapped all our frames in t shirts to help be more efficient in moving our folded clothes & to ensure these wouldn’t break in the process.


I also wrapped our kitchen in t-shirts too. That was such a lifesaver when it came to utilizing our space & not wasting money on buying so many boxes & packing material.

We finally finished all the packing & loading. The PODS were picked up & started their trek to Tampa while all we had left to do was clean, paint & get the carpets cleaned in order to try & get our security deposit back from our rental company. When we were done, it looked better than when we first moved in… {I highly suggest hiring a cleaning company that specializes on move out cleaning – they were the best $200 we spent. I found them on the HomeAdvisor App & we had zero complaints}

Honestly, this move was one of our easier ones. With the combination of the PODS, cleaning company & my intense organization ideas…we really made this almost an enjoyable move. I said almost… okay.

We spent our 3rd wedding anniversary on an air mattress, eating pizza on paper plates with our TV on a coffee table. Love. Marriage. Real life right there. My husband was honestly the real MVP of this move, making sure at all moments that my best interest was in mind. He kept me focused & told me to take breaks when I got too ahead of myself or started drowning in things to do. During this time we were also living in two different cities – I was working half the week in a new city at my new job while he was back in Jacksonville. On my weekends, I’d pack & organize. On his weekends, he’d load & pack the PODS. It worked. It happened. It’s over thank god. We’re also so lucky to have such supportive family & friends that helped us every step of the way, whether financially, by opening up their homes & by helping load & unload all our things.

We’re here. We’re settled. We did it. We own a home. What an investment. While we have so much to dream about & make our own… we really were so lucky with finding this amazing home that was turnkey & has soooo much space to grow into.

We’re so blessed to be homeowners… Thanks for reading! A post will be coming soon about what we’ve already done to paint & customize our home… bc who doesn’t love some great before & after photos.

x -A

1 thought on “Moving On Out”

  1. Loved hearing your journey with the move. You are top notch girl! Gave me
    Some ideas for my move next month. Although not a full house , I still need to move clothes and other essentials. Once I get settled in NSB look for us to come out and visit. Miss you guys!! Love Miss Sue.

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