Comfort Zone Fashion

So there’s been radio silence on my blog lately due to adjusting with moving, a new job & basically life in general. But, I’M BACK YAY!

For my first topic back, I’d like to dive into a discussion about clothes & our comfort zones. Being a tall woman, I normally stay away from rompers, one piece swim suits, jumpsuits & overalls due to the long length of my torso… Also because I honestly also prefer outfits that accentuate my legs & top, but avoid attention to my midsection. Growing up, I always struggled with being on the verge of hating {harsh, I know} my stomach. It was never flat & I always had these hips that were ahead of my age. Did I work out to cure the pooch on my belly? No. It was one of those things that I hated just to hate, but never wanted to put in the effort to fix. #StoryOfMyLife

Now, I wish I had the body I thought then was annoying…. But. I’ve come to this great place in my life where I feel healthy despite the media influencing my mind & body image. I have fab curves. I have great boobs. I love my body. My husband loves my body. So I’m good. I’m great even. I have an active job & workout regularly… I’m to this point where – this is me. Take it or leave it, cause I’ll just keep working & rocking it regardless.

Anyways, recently while having this new mindset, I changed my style to fit it. I’ve chosen more daring outfits to branch myself out of my fashionable comfort zone. I bought a ruffly one piece swim suit {see above} & fell in LOVE. I bought overalls & literally wear them all the time. The other day, I was in TJMax browsing through the rack when I stumbled across this FABULOUS pinstriped jumper. My mind was like – wow… you know what… I think I could rock this & make it my own.

So I tried it on. AND dayyyyyyyyyum I felt good. I felt powerful. I felt like a force to be reckoned with. I bought it & started planning on how I’d make it my own. It was slightly risky in my mind, bc it drew all the attention to the one thing I’ve always tried to hide. But I went for it. I put my best sassy foot forward & branched out.

Literally all day I was flooded with complements on my outfit & it really taught me something. We see ourselves in such a different light than others… What we might think are our biggest & ugliest flaws, someone sees as a piece of perfection pie. Sure, my husband tells me I look fabulous, my best friends always build me up & I have moments myself where I’m feeling 10/10… but when people who aren’t close to you or even know you personally tell you your outfit is on point, then BELIEVE them! Know your worth before the complements flow. Know that you’re one of a kind & can literally wear & rock anything you want to.

As the great Kanye West recently tweeted: “Don’t follow crowds. Follow the innate feelings inside of you… Follow what you feel.” But really, don’t stick to the status quo, be you! This world is full of celebrities who all are praised for being themselves, so you should do that too! Buy that shade of lipstick that maybe you think is too bold. Fix your hair a different way. Put on some killer highlighter & rock the glazed donut vibe like I do. You are YOU. You are UNIQUE. Be that way, regardless of what this world tells you to be. Don’t blend. If you want to wear hawt jumpers, do it. If you want to dress outside your comfort zone, do it.

I guess what I’m trying to say is step outside your normal vibe & try something new. Whether it’s with makeup, food, fashion or even your daily routine… find a way to shake things up & I think you’ll see a new side. Maybe even find a new mojo to rock like I did. From now on, I won’t be passing up outfits I see in stores until I actually try them on. My world has been opened & I’m charging confidently forward… Jumpers & all.

x -A

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