An Open Door?

WARNING! Major Life Update:

Hello readers. I know I’ve been MIA for about a month & there’s a really fantastic reason why – which ties directly into this post. I GOT A NEW JOB!!!!! Specifically the dream job of all dream jobs – I will now be joining the Dolphin Training Team at Discovery Cove… This is big for me, huge even. If you read my I’m 25 & Thriving Post, you’ll remember how I poured my heart out for this field & gave you insight on what I’ve done already in my career to get here.

As of November 2017, an opportunity to potentially move to another city was presented to my husband & I. Initially I flipped out. I freaked. I screamed. NO. No no no.  Nononononono. Nooooooo! I don’t want to move. I hate moving. My entire life growing up was “hey we’re probably moving,” “hey we’re not moving,” “hey, start saying your goodbyes…” “Just kidding, not moving again.” It wasn’t to the fault of my parents, but companies who liked to think that my dad was just another employee who’s life they could toy around with – not thinking that he had a family with impressionable children.

Long story short, I’m used to moving. When this opportunity {which is still a huge work in progress #ITSFEBRUARY} was presented, I initially resented it with all of my might. I liked the area we lived in. I liked my job. I liked my friends. I liked our house… but did I love it? Was I too comfortable? Was I actually settling? Maybe. Maybe not.

During one of my many hour long vent sessions to my dear friend Savvy, she gave me the slightest glimmer of hope in a phrase. She said that her & her family always have had this saying that goes along with “When a door closes, another will open.” Enter the wisdom that blew me away: “Sometimes you have to jiggle a couple door knobs though, to see if you’re going in the correct direction.”

MIND BLOWN! Just by simply jiggling a door knob, you know if it’s locked, open or going to take some oomph to get through. I think that directly applies to life. Your decisions lead you down a path – whether its easy, a road block or going to take some extra planning & dreaming. My biggest issue with find the “open door” statement came in January of this year. I was presented with two HUGE opportunities in the form of interviews at facilities that I loved so much & held so dear to my heart. One was in the current city we live in, the other a city that would make it easy to commute if we did move. Wow. Two amazing choices. Two amazing options. Two things that would be impossible to decide between.

How are you supposed to know which door will open when that one closed? What if you have multiple doors that open… how are you supposed to know which one is the correct one? See my issue? Life doesn’t always come at you with spotlights & a bat signal telling you which way to go or what choice to make. When we moved to Jacksonville, literally every single door that could open, did. It was so clear what choice we were supposed to make… & that if we ignored those signs we would be so dumb.

So I jiggled the door knob to a couple doors. I applied for both positions; one at Discovery Cove & one at Marineland Dolphin Adventure. I interviewed at both positions {within three days might I add}. I waited & waited. We prayed. I moped. I pitied myself & the choices I might have to make. Hubs & I talked & talked about it… we decided that if I got one, that was a sign. If I got none, that was a sign… & if I got both, then wow okay big decisions to make.


Moral of the story, I didn’t get MDA but was finally called with an offer for DC! I did my part & put my heart & soul into both interviews… I jiggled both door knobs & found which door God was opening for me. It was a sigh of relief, honestly – but only briefly. While yes, I’d just gotten the job of my DREAMS, we were & still are in moving limbo.

It’s okay, it’s all going to be okay. I know with 100% certainty things will work out the way they’re meant to. I know with 10,000% certainty that my husband & I will make the best decision for each other while taking into account our common goal but individual dreams. I think that’s my favorite thing about our relationship… we consistently choose each other first. He’s my best friend, protector & biggest supporter.

Yes. Okay. There’s your update. I promise to be better about blogging in the near future – the limbo of life & jobs was getting to me. I jiggled the door knob & was given a clear open door to move forward {the biggest open door I could’ve ever gotten.} Happy to be back at the company I love. Happy for some great family time in Orlando. Happy for the future to unfold on if/when/where we move… I’m just so happy.

x -A

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