VILLAINS – Book Series Review

For my 25th birthday a couple weeks ago my husband bought me a new book series – Villains! It’s a disney spin off box set written by Serena Valentino that while catered to a slightly younger audience (9+) has some great stories. Each book intertwines with the others & gives the reader an opposing look of how the iconic Villains from our favorite Disney classics became so.


Fairest of All: A Tale of the Wicked Queen. The first book in the set explores the world where the Evil Queen from Snow White rules… This take on the beloved classic brings the reader into the kingdom & shows that the queen wasn’t originally evil. You will find the struggles & trails she went through & how the Magic Mirror came to be her downfall.

The Beast Within: A Tale of Beauty’s Prince. The second book tells the story of Beauty & the Beast from his perspective, exploring all his emotions on how he wants to be cured from the curse – but doesn’t think he deserves true love. Again, Valentino finds a way to connect this story to the first, giving the reader a sense that all these classics exist in the same world & time frame.

Poor Unfortunate Soul: A Tale of the Sea Witch. Finally, in the last book {which I haven’t completed yet} the reader explores what might have shaped Ursula into the wicked Sea Witch she was. Jealousy, twisted misery & scorned love… all things we learn about while being transported into the world under the sea.

*I’d like to also point out that there is a bonus sneak peak book Mistress of All Evil: A Tale of the Dark Fairy that explains the story of Maleficent in Sleeping Beauty. I haven’t purchased that one as it comes alone.*

As I said above, these books are catered toward a younger audience, but if you appreciate the magic & wonder of the classic Disney tales of love, I think it’s great to see the other side from a Villain’s point of view. Growing up I always did find the Antagonists more interesting… tortured souls, scorned love, jealousy – honestly that’s more relatable than finding “true love’s kiss while sleeping the woods with dwarfs.” These books have a “Wicked: The Musical” vibe that eventually make you sympathize with the villain & feel bad for hating/being afraid of them so much while growing up. {Except the scary man in Hunchback of Notre Dame – I will forever be terrified of you, evil sir. I still can’t watch that movie for fear of being traumatized, ok. Looking at you, Claude Frollo.}

I think these books bring about an interesting thought… Are people born evil, or do they have evilness thrust upon them? {yes I directly un-quoted SpiderMan but shhh} While I’d like to believe that some recent people in my life I’ve had to deal with are actually evil, it makes me feel like there’s always two sides to the story. Just like in these books, the villain had a point of view in which they thought they were doing the correct thing… it was selfish & so skewed, but they really thought they were protecting their greater good. Maybe it really does relate back to when our parents would say “they’re only bullying you because they can’t express their own feelings of insecurity & inadequacies.” I can see that, but I also know that sometimes people are also just down right mean & rude & nasty. So while reading this I chose to give the villains a new light of understanding, I don’t think I’ll repeatedly give everyone that luxury…

If you’d like to purchase them & read for yourself you can do so on here! I highly recommend as a cute, easy read that will be a classic to share in your Disney collection. So glad my husband thought of me & picked them out!

x -A


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