Same Problem, Different Solution

Whew. Literally writing this in a moment of instant passion & inspiration. I was browsing through Twitter & I came across this simple gif that really hit me in the feels this morning. {I have searched & searched the vast internet… & for the life of me cannot find it – I just suggest you go to my twitter & see my latest retweet. You could also follow me while you’re there… I wouldn’t protest}

Okay. So to describe this gif in short – It’s a 5 second video of a Husky & Weiner dog walking over these waves on the beach. I say waves, because they technically are… but that’s where this video really got me:

To the husky, the “waves” are barely that. He can just walk right over the incoming water  without even getting his stomach wet. The effort it took seemed to barely phase him… Easy peasy, lemon squeezy.

Yet to the weiner dog, the same “waves” looked more like tidal surges. He was hit head on with wave after wave that came all the way up to his neck. This precious little pup had to almost jump above them to ensure he wouldn’t be covered by the incoming water. The tweet was titled: “Not everyone experiences life in the same way.”

This is where it hit me straight in my heart & conscience aka “the feels”. Wow ok, so get this, there was a “problem” – a wave. Each dog had a different tactic in order to overcome it: One just simply walked over it with ease, the other jumped & trudged forward head on… Both completed the challenge but with different levels of determination & difficulty. Do you see what I’m getting at?

While sitting here, wallowing for the third week about where my life is going & why hasn’t any sign been given, this tweet hit me head on. Everyone goes through life but in different patterns & through many different obstacles. What might be paramount to one, can just be trivial to the another. Sometimes I’m the husky, maneuvering life’s little annoyances by simply brushing them off & moving forward… Other times – much like this past month – I’m the weiner dog, barely able to make it over & through my challenge to face the next coming head on.

I think this simple gif has so much to teach me in just 5 seconds. When I wake up each day, am I going to be the husky or the weiner dog? I don’t think either is right or wrong, they just show a different perspective. I believe it’s perfectly okay to admit that some things in life challenge you more than others… I mean, we can’t all be flawless at every single thing that comes our way, right? I also think this is an important lesson in caring for others as well – know that while you might be a husky; able to tackle life’s little obstacles that come your way, others around you might be the weiner dog, barely able to make it over.

Think about that. Think about others. Think about life & the grand scheme for a second. I firmly believe that we aren’t thrown anything we truly can’t handle in our own journeys… I see each temporary obstacle as just that – a season, phase or momentary blip on the radar. I have the choice to make it a ripple or a tidal wave. I have the choice to attack it how I see fit. I have the opportunity to overcome or let it wash me away. We also have the unique opportunity to understand that while we might navigate life one way, others do completely differently. What might be no sweat to you, could be life changing for another.

Real moment: Lately I’ve really been letting my doubts & anxiety rule/control my life. Whenever I start questioning my hopes & dreams, that little anxious voice creeps in telling me I’m not good enough, that I’ll never achieve what I want. I’ve definitely been the weiner dog when I’m normally the husky. Neither is wrong, but one is more practical than the other. Instead of rising tall in myself & walking with pride, I’ve let waves hit me head on & honestly been too consumed in feeling sorry for myself that I don’t care.

Well here I am. This morning that tweet hit me in the conscience probably more than it was intended to… But it worked. I’m no longer going to create obstacles for myself. Things that are out of my control shouldn’t consume my life & thoughts. If it’s meant to be, it’ll be. {btw loving that new FGL/Bebe Rexha song – currently my anthem}

A lot of deep thoughts about a simple little gif, right? Did this resonate with you too? Am I reading into it way more than I should? Most likely, but I’m allowed that artistic freedom, right? Let me know what you think…

x -A

2 thoughts on “Same Problem, Different Solution”

  1. Sometimes, when you’re the wiener dog, I think you just have to let it wash over you and not struggle against it. Close your eyes and wait for it to pass. Especially when it feels like you’re drowning.

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  2. What a wonderful reflection on a simple gif! I love how you gently shifted the perspective from self to others while analogizing how and why people view and deal with challenges they way they do. Left me wanting to take time to reflect on other gifs that are circulating!

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