New Matte Lipstick Favorite!

Over the weekend I decided to buy a new liquid lipstick formula by Maybelline. I saw their advertising on Instagram about the newest “Un-Nude” Collection of Super Stay Matte Ink & had to test it out. {Product & Packaging doesn’t work on me, no… never.} Normally, I’m partial to NYX’s Lip Lingerie Matte Lipstick or Milani Cosmetic’s Color Statement Matte Lipstick… but something about the packaging & advertising lured me to Maybelline this time.

I picked up this lipstick at my local Walgreens in the makeup aisle & went home immediately to try it out. {you can also purchase here} It was so sleek looking… I couldn’t resist. First, I chose the color “Visionary” because it was a cool purple/grey color that immediately grabbed my eye. When I opened it, I found that I really loved the applicator. It’s built for precision with the tapered tip & equal application across your lips. The formula is so soft/smooth & when you apply it, it smells like warm vanilla.


When the Matte Ink Liquid Lipstick first goes on, it’s glossy but then quickly dries to a matte finish. It’s almost magic how it goes from lip gloss right to a matte lipstick finish… It’s also important to note that it dries darker than the initial application. After using it, I fell instantly in love! It’s long-lasting & doesn’t make your lips feel dry at all. I put it on at noon & it stayed on throughout the entire day – I took it off at midnight! I drank iced coffee, ran errands, ate multiple meals & even went to a party later that night… The lipstick stayed on & I received so many compliments without ever having to reapply!


I honestly could {& will} give this lipstick an A+ in every single category… Wearability: I never had to reapply – it was on for at least a 12 hour period. Comfort: My lips stayed moisturized & didn’t feel dead or cracked after taking it off. Color: this purple/grey is so out of the box for me, but I really dig it. It made me feel super sexy & sultry the entire day.

*Here’s the full collection of Maybelline’s Un-Nude Matte Ink from Left to Right: Driver, Poet, Seductress, Fighter, Amazonian, Ruler, Protector, Visionary, Philosopher & Huntress.*09ca1d6f-cad8-4323-8b87-e0dc789f8622._SL300__

I’m really interested in trying Poet & Seductress next… honestly they’ll all likely make it into my makeup vanity pretty soon. While I’ve tried other brands, no other one has stayed on this effectively. I would honestly choose SuperStay over ColorPop or Kylie Lip Kit any day…. & that’s saying a lot because we all know how much I love my name brand makeup. But a steal is a steal…


There you have it. My profession of love for the Maybelline Super Stay Matte Ink Liquid Lipstick Formula Un-Nude Collection… It’s durable. It’s colorful. It’s comfortable. It’s sexy. It’s honestly my new favorite thing to wear on my lips. I’m really interested in trying the other shades that came with their first release of the Matte Ink Collection {pictured below}. These seem way bolder & could be really fun to experiment with dramatic eye looks.


In closing – the Matte Ink Un-Nude collection is a must buy! For only $9 it’s worth the trip to your local drug store to pick it up & try it out! I don’t think I’ll ever go back to name brand lipstick after finding this great priced jewel. Win, Maybelline. Win!

x -A

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