Party of Two

This past weekend hubs & I decided to have a New Years Eve party…. of two that is. {Five if you count our pups & a pup we’re watching for a friend}. We wanted to go out & celebrate ringing in the new year with friends downtown – but honestly with three dogs & work early the next day, it wasn’t a logical or smart possibility.

While we were on our typical Saturday Sushi date, hubby exclaimed “Well let’s throw our own party! A party of two. Me & you. It’s always just been about you & I. You’re all that matters anyways…” & you know what, we did. WHY NOT.

We woke up New Years Eve morning & started the planning… balloons. Signs. A photo booth. Champagne. Chinese food. Fancy outfits. We were going to go all out this year. Why not spoil ourselves? We deserved it.

After buying all the decorations & make our photo worthy wall, we started to dress up. One thing I absolutely love & admire about my husband is his ability to go all out for something he loves. This case, what he loves is me. He knew that while we were being responsible for taking care of the dogs & work, we didn’t have to sacrifice our fun in the process.

People always joke to us that the party doesn’t start until we walk in… so we took that literally for this night. Hubs dressed in his swankiest suit – a crushed, blue velvet jacket & bow tie combo. He looked absolutely dashing, something that’s not at all uncommon for him. {He also eventually decided to pair it with my Miss Missouri High School America Sash & Crown – I can’t argue that it so made his look as the night went on}

I went with a subtle {ha} long silvery sequin dress to really amp up the holiday vibes. Paired with black heels & my fav lipstick, I was ready for the festivities. It’s funny how New Years Eve instantly means glitter & sequins in girl world. Maybe it’s the thought of shining your way into the next year – giving off the brightest version of you to overpower any negative moments the previous year?

We had a blast with our night – dancing, singing, counting down to 2018 in the utmost style yet comfort of our own home. While we wish friends could’ve joined that were working or out of town, we sure made the most of the night.

The best part of this, the point I’m actually getting to, is that I married my best friend. That’s so important – at least to me. He makes me feel special. He makes me feel loved. He makes me feel appreciated & worthy of everything I need & want. He makes me feel happy. He literally made this night one of my favorite memories in our relationship – & it was only just the two of us.

We sang. We danced. We laughed. We dreamed of what 2018 was going to bring us & reminisced on how much we grew in 2017. Marriage is hard, that’s why it’s so rewarding when the fruits of your labor show. This past year we communicated better, loved harder, grew stronger & leaped to knew comfort zones. Get you a partner who can light up the room when they walk in. Get you one who encourages you, fights for you & is real with you. Find someone who cherishes you. Who doesn’t mind throwing a party to celebrate just your love & to bring in the New Year in style.

** I’d also like to point out that we still fit into these clothes from senior year of college. Meet Amanda & then Fiancé during my sorority Vegas themed formal. So much yet so little has changed. {one thing that changed is I finally listened to my mother & found a red lipstick that actually matched my complexion… thanks ma} These photos are just too funny & also prove that men really don’t change that much – not fair.

I love you so much, babe. Thanks for throwing the best party of the year which had people asking us where we were & how much fun it looked like we were having. You’re my real life Great Gatsby… just without all the heartbreak & problems & everything. Okay. So not him, but you partied like you were him for a night. Props.


Happy New Year Ya’ll. I hope 2018 brings all the love & light into your life that 2017 did to mine. I’m so thankful for my party of two {four counting the pups} & can’t wait to someday grow that. {calm down mom… I said someday} All the hugs & love. Thanks for reading about how extra & ridiculous we can be when it comes to having a great time.

x -A

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