2k17 Favorites

With the year 2017 coming to a close, I can’t help but look back & pick out some of my most favorite outfit & beauty finds of the year. Below I’ll explain why I loved these items, what they did for my confidence  & why you might consider spoiling yourself into purchasing them to start off 2k18.

  • Favorite Dress of 2017 – Belle Lily’s Floral, Floor Length Maxi Dress in White.

While they no longer carry the same color {it was seasonal for the Spring/Summer} they do have an adorable green & pink still in stock here. I previously blogged about this dress in my Fashion Do’s & Don’ts Blog regarding if you could get away with wearing white after Labor Day. This blog & dress has gotten SO many complements this year, so I’m really glad I went out on an online purchase limb to buy it. Plus, a dress with pockets is a great friend of mine.

  • Favorite Accessory of 2017 – Choker/Necklace Combination

As you may have noticed, 2017 was the year of the choker. Single, double or even triple chokers took the fashion world by storm – reminding us that trends really do come back, just reinvented. This trend was one of the 90s but improved with higher end looking chokers than just the plastic woven ones I wore in middle school. This one is a 5 color set from walmart {I know} that I paired with a gold necklace from Old Navy {that you can get here}. Chokers somehow made me feel powerful & sexy while wearing them. I felt so fashionable & an added bonus was that hubby loved them.

  • Favorite Swim Suit of 2017 – Floral Off the Shoulder One Piece with Ruffles

Dare I say it, another solid Walmart clearance find. {snag it here; same suit, slightly different pattern} 2017 brought back the era of sexy Baywatch-esque one piece swim suits. Forever thankful for this trend – I could be sexy & still comfortable by covering up my mid section. Blessed. I love the beach, swimming, drinking by the pool & this suit did exactly that. What better way to lounge with a drink & floppy hat than with an off the shoulder suit like this. It was made for the Bahamas & relaxation – which is exactly what I bought it for. Wearing it, I felt hot & got multitudes of complements on it. I was even able to just throw on a skirt as a cover up to make it an adorable poolside outfit as well.

  • Favorite Shoes of 2017 – ALDO Steinar Over the Knee Boot – Black 

THESE. BOOTS.    T H E S E.   B O O T S.   Oh my god, these boots! While they took me a headache & a half to finally arrive in the right size, they were incredibly worth it. Ordered on a “I feel sorry for myself because I have to work on Thanksgiving” & “It’s Black Friday, so I’m buying something” whim, I made the best decision of my fashionable life this year. While they’ve only been in my closet since the beginning of December, I wear them every chance I get. Which is often for hubs & I’s date weekends. They are perfect for winter right now because it’s an extra layer over your pants, right? They make me feel sexy, in control & like I could conquer the world. Plus they hella slim your legs down which I can’t argue with. While I chose a pair that had a heel, there are SO many other options out there… I’m debating on buying a non heeled version in taupe. Cause you know, I turn 25 in like two weeks… *cough cough* {Order them here} Keep in mind, the site says “true to size” but I ordered a size up after reading reviews on how they fit in the calves. I was worried that they’d fit perfect there but be too small or large on my thighs. I personally state that they don’t stretch out when you wear them {I wore them the entire day in Savannah, GA without issue} – they’re also really comfortable for a heeled boot too.

  • Favorite Purse of 2017 – Kate Spade Jackson Street Lottie – Hot Pink

This purse was bought as an anniversary present from hubs {as is tradition each year}. While I normally opt for neutral colors – nudes, browns, blacks… hubs had other plans this year. Man. What a show stopper this purse became! The perfect size with just the right amount of pockets & zippers. Even though it’s literally hot pink, I’ve still worn it with many outfits into the Fall & Winter seasons. I am a firm believer AGAINST the rule that your purse has to match your shoes. If there are shoes this color, let me know – cause I’ll buy them. Pink is my favorite color in any shade… & I think this purse shows that I can rock it. While it’s not sold in this color any longer – out of season I guess – you can still purchase it in others here! I can’t wait to see what hubs schemes up next for purses in 2018…

  • Favorite Makeup 2017 – BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfecter Pressed Highlighter – Champagne Pop

While I didn’t find this product in 2017, I finally caved & purchased it this year. What a fantastic decision that was. I went into detail about my feelings for Champagne Pop in my Beautiful Glazed Donut Blog, but I’ll never have enough kind words to spew about my love for this highlighter. It catapulted my makeup skills into a new realm that I’m so proud of. I can confidently highlight & contour my way into 2018 without the slightest of hesitations… I promise soon I’ll be doing a makeup tutorial as asked for consistently very very soon.

  • Favorite Perfume of 2017 – COCO Mademoiselle – Chanel Paris

This was a pleasant surprise that hubs bought me for Christmas last weekend. He went to  Ulta himself, picked out the perfume after smelling millions & decided I would love this one. Well is he my husband or is he my husband? I love it. He knew I’d always wanted Chanel perfume, but he wasn’t a fan of any of their scents until finding this one. In his words “It smelled like fruity wonderfulness & I needed you to smell like that.” I personally think he saw the Kiera Knightley advertisements & knew the Pirate Princess who we all love wouldn’t steer him wrong. Regardless the motive, the result is amazing. While I’ve only worn it for a week now, it’s the most favorite perfume I’ve ever owned. I’m partial to floral & fruity smells that leave me feeling bright & fresh – this does just that with sexy undertones. As stated on Chanel’s Site “Irresistibly sexy, irrepressibly spirited. A sparkling Oriental fragrance that recalls a daring young Coco Chanel. An absolutely modern composition with a strong yet surprisingly fresh character.” They go on to say that “Sparks of fresh and vibrant Orange immediately awaken the senses. A clear and sensual heart reveals the transparent accords of Grasse Jasmine and May Rose. The scent finally unfurls with the vibrant accents of Patchouli and Vetiver.” In conclusion: Fruity Wonderfulness in a bottle. {Purchase here from their site}

So there we have it, my favorite finds of 2017 all compiled into a tiny little list. Believe me, I could go 10 deep into each category, but for the sake of writing & the weekend of festivities… I chose to be brief. Thank you 2017 for bringing back 90s trends like the choker, jean skirt & converse… for bringing out bolder, brighter colors like my purse… for giving us new makeup trends like fun brows & embracing our glazed donut side… for letting all shapes & sizes of women feel beautiful in swim suits or anything we choose to wear. I think that 2017 really made a huge difference in the beauty & fashion industry regarding fashion equality. Regardless of your age, shape, size, color or gender… if you want to rock it, DO IT. Try on those thigh high boots, wear a hot pink purse… If it catches your eye & you think it’s you, then EMBRACE IT!! This year has taught me to stop trying to be someone else, but to become me. I’m Amanda. I have so many fun quirks that make me special, so why not highlight that? 2018, I’m coming for you. Happy New Year, Ya’ll!

x -A

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