Sherpa Pullover

During this winter season a new fashion trend has emerged… The Sherpa Pullover. All across my social media, I’ve seen bloggers advertising how fantastic & necessary it was… But not until my little sister found one for $20 did I break & buy it.

My. World. Has. Changed.

Friends, meet the pullover that changed my life this Fall/Winter Season. It’s lightweight yet warm all at the same time. It’s the same soft & cozy material of my favorite blanket that I love to snuggle up with my pups in while drinking coffee & writing. Why wouldn’t I want a pullover in the same fabric?

While they’re everywhere in store currently {for way more that I want to pay, honestly}, my sister actually found ours at Sam’s Club. Go figure. While not everyone has a membership there, I found an online distributor that sells extremely similar ones! {the only difference is the inside collar color…} Boom. Did the work for you. That’s why you read, right?

Find it here!  They come in four different colors {Frost Hunter, Grey, Garnet & Navy} & ten different sizes ranging from Youth Small to Adult 2X. They’re currently in stock & I promise worth it 100%.


I own the Frost Grey & pair it with anything. Jeans, leggings, nike shorts… It can easily be dressed up or down to lounge it. I think it’s perfect for this weather because you can layer it extremely well, yet also wear it alone & be easily warm in whatever climate you live in.

Clearly I love it so much & will most likely spring for the Frost Garnet for an early birthday present. Let me know if you have one or bought one! I’d love to see photos of what you pair with it… Short. Simple. Sweet. Get the Sherpa Pullover. You’ll thank me.  x -A

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