Contently Me

As I sit here, reflecting on this Holiday season that has so quickly come & gone, I can’t help but think about all we have. While the New Year is right around the corner bringing bright resolutions & promises, I want to take this time to look back & see all I’ve accomplished in 2017…

One problem that I feel I struggle with these days is being content. Social media makes it easy to get caught up in the idea that everyone lives this picture perfect life; most of the stunning women & their blogs I follow are artists. The way their homes, clothes & life looks so put together… It makes me want that too. But I have to take a moment, breathe & then realize all I have to be incredibly thankful for.

Do you struggle with that too? I encourage you to take a step back, especially during this time of gifts & plenty to really take a closer look at what you do have to be grateful for. This holiday season, my husband spoiled me with perfume I’ve been wanting for ages, tickets to a touring broadway show {that he’s going to sit through with me} & other things that made me feel so special & wanted. I think the biggest gift he could’ve ever given me through, was the weekend with him. From making special dinner, drinking our eggnog & Christmas Sangria to snuggling up to our favorite movies… the weekend was just what I needed.

With my current work schedule, it makes life hard to not feel like a black & white routine. I only see hubs on the weekends {that I’m incredibly lucky to even have real ones at that}. I cherish every single moment spent with him. While I love to plan mini trips & staycations, he loves to enjoy time to rest & take care of each other. It’s neat to see how our love languages intertwine & bring out the best in each other.

Thinking back on this year, our marriage & life has grown leaps & bounds. We’ve both been promoted, gained new dear friendships & work mentorships, spoiled ourselves with his new car & really learned how to balance saving money but also spending what you work hard for. While we keep seeking to improve & reach “better,” I always try to remind us at what cost.

Ever since I was a little kid, I had to be the best. I had to work the hardest, get the highest grades, practice the longest & do the most in order to get my dream job. People often asked me if I thought I was missing out on life because I was dedicating so much time to a dream that had a 0.000002% chance of coming true. I never cared. I knew I wanted to be a dolphin trainer & nothing would stop me. Nothing honestly did. I knew that I’d probably sacrifice any romantic relationship because I was on the constant hunt for the next step, my next big break in the animal field. Finding hubby, I instantly knew he was the one by his unfailing support of my little dreams & his passion for me being so passionate.

But getting married, while the best thing that’s ever happened to me, has also taught me about sacrifices in love. While I was single, I had the chance to move wherever a job or internship presented itself – Hawaii, Cali & even one I applied to in Dubai. Now, things are different yet better. I have a sense of home – my rock & the one I love. Two years ago, we took a chance. I big chance in both our careers & it catapulted us into success. I was doing what I loved & so was he. Life. Was. Great. Sure, there were challenges along the way, but moving & setting up roots was so worth it.

Here, on the brink of this new year, we’re faced with more opportunities. I’ve been working hard for a slight career change & he’s swiftly moving up the ranks in his own company. With the prospects of a possible change of atmosphere, I can’t help but giggle at our situation. Here I am, the adventurer – not wanting to move. While here he is, the homebody – who’s ready for new chances. Life: it’s ironically fickle.

Long story long, content. What does that mean in this day & age? Settling? Being stagnant? Complacent? When doing some digging into the meaning, I realized that contentment comes in two lines of thinking: less is more – or looking to the horizon. {find a great article here} One thing I loved was “The true meaning of contentment is being satisfied with what you have and with who you are – right now.” 

The horizon & my desire to be better, do more & achieve will always be changing. While right now I’m focused on my career & marriage, soon that might shift to family planning & purchasing a home. My goals will always be shifting & improving as a grow in myself. That hit me in so many positive ways… While I have so much I still want to do, I also need to take a hot second, pause & be incredibly content with what I’ve done.

Being almost 25 & accomplishing what I have makes me so proud – {not to toot my own horn but toot toot} while everyone moves at their own pace, little Amanda would be so impressed that her timeline she dreamed about actually happened. I’m sassy. I’m unapologetically honest to those I love. I’m tenacious. I’m aggressive in achieving my goals. I’m a lover, a fighter & a comforter. I give wisdom to those who seek it & those who don’t but need it. I’m a listener. I’m comic relief when it’s needed & boldly serious when the time comes. I’m a wife, a friend, a daughter & a sister. I’m upfront with what I expect of others. I’m strong. I’m worthy of all this life has to offer. I’m me – contently ME.

So, here’s to 2018. A year of already unlimited possibilities. While hubs & I have so many plans & dreams, I’m also going to remind myself to be content. To be grateful. To be teachable & moldable. To be flexible. To just be. where. I. am. So often I look ahead & miss all the wonderful things happening around me. I want to be present. I want to enjoy what’s in front of me, while also being excited for the future.

What do you think? Do you struggle with the same thing? Have any tips, quotes or verses that help you when you’re struggling with contentment? I’d love to here from you! Remember, “Be where you are, or your own life will pass you by.” x-A


4 thoughts on “Contently Me”

  1. Enjoyed this blog as it reminds me to ask myself, are you content right now, with what and who you have. Yes, especially right at this moment as the snow falls blanketing the ground and trees! I can’t wait to see what 2018 holds for you and me!!! Happy New Year.


  2. I too often hear people say….I just wanna be happy. If I can just do /buy such and such, I’ll be happy. Do what makes you happy….not realizing that the greater word is contentment, as you so noted. In order for someone to fully understand happiness, they must first understand contentment. Through learning to be content in life, happiness grows organically. Always love reading your thoughts at! Thanks for sharing!

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