Instagram Husband

Recently, my husband’s nickname has become the above… Not because I post millions of photos of him, but because of his unending support of all my endeavors – most recently this blog & the photos needed to make it successful.

Back when we first started dating, he was an outsider to the world of social media & photos. He quickly learned that photography & multitudes of pictures was a staple in my life… My mother & two sisters are incredible photographers. One with many expensive/professional cameras, the younger with just an iPhone & gopro. My family, we dig photos. We live for them. I mean, I could always count on having millions of cheer, dance team, dance recital, sports, etc photos for every single event. My mom killed the memory game. She even dabbled in scrapbooking for each of us – something I’ll cherish forever.

Like I said, photos are our thang. My mom was the go-to for everyone… “Amanda, have your mom tag me in those; send those photos, Amanda; Hey can your mom take my senior photos?” & Once I went away to college, I assumed that role in my friend group too. I always took the greatest photos for people… getting the best angles & lighting that I learned from my momma.

Enter Husband – then boyfriend… He quickly learned that I loved my photos {especially once I explained that it’s how I keep memories… photos hold millions of words, thoughts & precious moments frozen in time for me}. He also learned extremely fast, that the better & quicker he took them, the less time I made him redo them.

Some of his learned/perfected skills are:

  • The TILT: Oooooooh girl. If you want the best angles, it’s this one. Teach ya man. Hold said photo taking device slightly above subject, tilt at a slight angle down… It will give the appearance of elongating the subject & will slim their body. HEYYYYY
  • The BURST: Bless the burst. This he learned when I would say – “Why did you take just ONE photo?!” Bursting can be achieved by holding down the camera button on a phone for a longer period of time – taking roughly 100000 photos in a second. Perfect for him, because while I’d be sifting through the bad & good he could run away.
  • The LIVE photo: Ahhhh yes, even better with the newest iPhone update {sorry android users, idk if you have these abilities – #GoApple} When in live mode, the phone captures one second before & after you hit the button – technology, amiright? With the update, you can pick which millisecond you like within that photo… perfect if you’re a chronic eye closer.
  • The CANDID: Cheesy, but hubby’s favorite to take because he just snaps away while I am readjusting poses or laughing at something dumb I’m doing – these are the reason for this post… because he has the talent to catch the very worst photos of me ever.

Ahhhhh Husband. How I love you so. He is my biggest supporter in everything I do. He consistently encourages me, laughs with me & tries to help me out. He sees the funny in every situation & above all, loves me most. This post is dedicated to him & how thoughtfully wonderful he’s been throughout my whole blogging endeavor.

On our trip to Savannah this past weekend, the term “Instagram Husband” was coined by our friends – because Hubs would stop as we were walking, reach his hand out for my phone & say “babe, this wall, your outfit… we need a photo for your blog.” He’s just great, you know? I don’t even have to be that annoying woman {in my mind I am} who always asks “Can you take my photo?”

He’s not one who typically enjoys being in them, but he loves me & therefore loves photos with me. He’s one for the candids. As he’s taking my photo or taking one of us, he’ll whisper something dumb in my ear so I burst out laughing & ruin the photo with my stupid faces. Those are his gems. He has an ENTIRE album on his phone of all the photos that I’m making ridiculous faces in. To be honest, most of them consist of glares too… I have a tendency to have rbf. Especially when he’s cracking jokes while I’m trying to “look natural.” 

Here you have it – a compilation of my recent favorite photos that he’s had a hand in… I keep joking that I’ll have to start giving him photo credit on instagram because they’re honestly great.

Hey babe, thanks for taking photo while I was watching a car go by & clearly not paying any attention to the camera… He says “You look so deep in thought. I had to capture it” Lair.

Darling, why are you talking to me & also snapping photos… Not my prettiest moment. Hence the “Amanda” look in the middle… finally the end product was what I wanted. He even said “move your hand a bit so I can see that DIAMOND, girl.” He’s great.

This could be a favorite because I had literally just caught him staring at my boobs – to which he replied… “What?! I was looking at your eyes………….. the ones on your shirt.” IMG_6542

Another favorite because in this pic there’s literally no way he wasn’t trying to snap a photo of my second “eyes” …. marriage, man. Also he wouldn’t stop taking photos of me in “the golden hour” with his new galaxy note that he insisted took better photos than my iPhone 7+… it doesn’t, for the record. #GoApple #BeatAndroid

Here we go. Perfect example… If I didn’t have this locked away on my phone, he’d frame it forever. He has literally just said “Don’t trip, those boots don’t look so stable.” Thanks babe. This one will go down in history of how graceful I am. He also stated that while the ground was ugly because of the garden hose, the color blue matched my eyes, so he’d keep it. Thanks baby.

“Babe, take my photo in these leaves…” “Honey, no, it’s wet, don’t get down there…. oh. she’s down there. she’s doing it. she’s done it.” Hence photo one. “Babe, get down here with me….” “Honey, I’m sure there’s spiders or something, I’m not doing that.” Photo two is us screaming because of said spiders…. he loves me. Promise.

“I’m really getting a 50s look here… were you trying to look like your grandma betty?” Thanks babe. Killing the complement game. He recovered with a “you know, you’d be a hot gogo girl… I dig it” Wrong century – I’ll forgive.

“Hey babe, make sure you get my boots.” REALLY BABE. I can’t help but give him the sassiest of sassy looks… come on, honey. Photo taking 101 – get the whole outfit. In his defense, he thought getting the whole tree was more important. Touché, darlin’.

So there we have it, a few of my favorite encounters via photo proof of how ridiculous my husband can be – just to make me laugh. Babe, you’re amazing. Thank you for being my best friend for the past five {W H A T} years… You make sure there’s never ever a dull  moment in our house.

Get you a man who is silly. Who loves to make you happy. Who’s comfortable taking photos with you & for you. Who scopes out the cutest spot that complements your outfit. Who doesn’t care what people think when he goes full french photographer model mode just for the perfect shot. Who never judges you but encourages you in every way. Honestly, just get you a guy like my hubs… except you can’t have him. He’s mine. img_71571.jpg

I lava you babe. Thanks for everything…. even these ridiculous photos. x -A

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