Savannah Oooh NahNah

This weekend we went to Savannah, Georgia with some friends for a little get away. It was SO fun… The shops, the food, the fact that you can walk around with your drink in the streets & the historical homes & architecture…. wow. Just, wow.


Once we arrived, we immediately realized that our place we picked was in the literal perfect location. {Thanks Amanda #1… we’re both Amanda’s. Makes it easy} Not only could we walk to everything worth seeing, but it was enough away from downtown that it was quiet at night & in the most adorable neighborhood. Adorable as in the house was worth 1.5 mil.

Look at that beauty – no not my husband – the house. The color, the architecture, the Southern charm dripping with history… it was adorable to a T & the inside was even better. IMG_7074

Amanda #1 has an eye for decorating {check out her insta here & you’ll instantly see she’s the Floridian Joanna Gaines} & also for photos too. I couldn’t help but sit in this county chic room to show off my new thigh high boots – post coming soon. The inside of our temporary home was simple yet welcoming. Two fire places, a large kitchen, two bedrooms & adjoining bathrooms… it was exactly what we needed for the weekend. I am new to the idea of Air BnB, but my eyes have been opened… it’s honestly the only way to stay if you want to be in the heart of the city for less than a hotel. Plus we had the entire house to ourselves, so everyone was all in one location. Really great, honestly.

While researching online, I knew I wanted to hit up Bay St, River St & City Market Place. We first walked down the infamous historic steps on Bay St that gave you access to River St & later decided that they were historic because the person that built them wanted people to historically fall down them. Can you say steep. Everywhere you walked, there was cobblestone & uneven surfaces – which made me wonder how people survived when visiting because of the open container law. Had to be hard to keep your balance after a few drinks.

Stunning, yet hard to traverse the city in without twisting an unsuspecting ankle. After walking around Bay St, River St & the City Market with all the adorable shops, we found a literal hole in the wall bar called The Ordinary Pub. We didn’t eat there, but I can tell you that the food that came out around us looked divine. We each and a drink & oh were they great. I tried the “Queen Bee” which was a gin drink that I thought I’d love… my husband ended up drinking it, because I missed the whole “includes jalapeños” part. It tasted amazing until the spicy kicked you – whoops. If you’re a spicy lover, I highly recommend.

More & more as we walked around, I was amazed at the history from this town… The buildings captivated us… Especially this one. The Kehoe House. I plan to move in soon. As we were walking by, a horse drawn carriage came by with a tour guide saying that “this house was going to be town down to make room for a parking garage & these brave women chained themselves to the stairs in protest… as you can see it’s still here today.”

Probably one of my favorite stops was Forsyth Park. Such green grass that went on & on. There was a beautiful fountain, some neat historic monuments & dogs everywhere… The landscape was gorgeous & we stayed there enjoying it for a while. While it was the middle of December, there were still leaves on the ground in golden colors instead of snow… but we won’t hold it against the South.

After the sun went down, we headed back to our BnB for a change of warmer clothes & to grab some dinner. The obvious pick was The Lady & Sons – Paula Dean’s own restaurant. Oooooh child, was that some good, home cooked, southern food. Everywhere you looked there was a “Ya’ll” placed somewhere within the place. We ordered between the four of us: fried okra, black pepper shrimp, shrimp & cheesy grits & her famous chicken pot pie. We were in heaven. Thank goodness we all decided to split the meals because I’m sure of two things: 1. There was a stick of butter in each bite & 2. it put us into the most delectable food coma for the rest of the night. We perused the gift shop afterwards & left saying “ya’ll” after every single word. I feel like you can’t experience southern cooking without a stop here…


Needing to walk off the food, we were glad that this city was conducive to exploring & wandering. We found ourselves at Moon River Brewing {Order the Pinky Up}, Kevin Barry’s Irish Pub {get the Maiden’s Blush} & a cute little arts pop up market before the night was over… Might I add that hubs & I stayed out until 1am – which we haven’t done since college. We’re so lame. Don’t care.

The Christmas decorations were out in full swing at night & looking at the lights had me mesmerized. Giant trees, garland & bows adorned every corned of the town & made us feel like we’d been transported to a little Christmas village. After our feet & stomachs had had enough, we decided to go back to our BnB to crash into our welcoming beds.

The next morning after checking out, we walked to Huey’s on the River for the most amazing brunch around. While they don’t serve alcohol until noon – we forgave for not getting Bloody Mary or mimosa – their food & kind service made up for it. We all got a southern version of the classic Eggs Benedict. All three of them got the fried chicken while I opted for the crab cake & fried green tomato one. Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop. Hubs also ordered a round of Beignets for the table & our senses immediately melted into that classic praline sauce. Huey’s has my heart & I don’t even mind.

So now that we’ve listened to our itinerary of Savannah, here’s some tips I’m going to throw out to those who might want to take their own mini vacay.

  • Wear some comfortable shoes: while I’d like to commend myself for seeking fashion over functionality, the above boots I chose {accidentally forgot others to change out of} were HOT af but not conducive to walking miles upon miles. I have the blisters to prove it. But you know what, I felt killer & I know my husband didn’t mind the view.
  • Find the Happy Hours: While we only had about a drink per person at each bar, it added up quickly… find the two for ones & stick with it.
  • Bring Layers: If you’re going during this time of year, layers & change of clothes is a must… While it was beautiful in the sunshine, the temperature quickly dipped 10+ degrees once the sun went down
  • Air BnB: Our eyes were open to the magic of Air BnB & I highly suggest checking it out over a hotel. Our friends we went with said that they rarely stay in hotels now whenever they travel for trips – as long as you do your research & read reviews I think it’s an amazing option. We were right in the heart of the city for 1/4 the cost.

So there we have it, my review on our trip to Savannah. I definitely want to go back – this time maybe during the fall so we can take a ghost tour {the whole city’s haunted apparently} & even do the Old Town Trolley.

What are your top things to see in Savannah? Did we absolutely miss a must see? Hit me with your favorites in the comments – I’d love to go back & explore some more. x -A

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