Denim Skirt Diva

Recently I caved on the 90’s denim skirt trend resurfacing & decided to try it out. {I’d like to point out that I had a jean mini skirt up until freshman year of college but threw it out because it was “uncool” – funny how fashion works} I was debating if I could pull it off & what the heck I was supposed to wear with it… I mean in the 90s my mother still dressed me.

I started stalking Pinterest for outfit ideas & texting my sorority fam {they keep me young} for moral support. I got the courage up & went to the mall to find my perfect skirt… you-girls-keep-me-young

I was met with all types of button down skirts. Every color & material you could imagine… I wanted to start basic first & opted for a button down, denim, A-line skirt from Forever 21. It made me feel curvy but also slim at the same time.

So here we go. My love note to the denim, A-line skirt:

Dearest Denim A-line skirt, 

You make me feel so hip. The amount of times I get complements on my outfit when you’re involved astounds me. You are a staple in my wardrobe; probably my new favorite thing to strut. When I wear you, I feel curvy. I feel stylish. I feel sexy. I feel like a 90s diva. You are my new bestie & I don’t know how I was living life without you. Suddenly my style evolved overnight. I became more confident in mixing & matching. I magically care less about what people think about me & if I’m dressing too extra. If I want to wear a choker every single day with you, I will. Thanks Denim skirt, you brought out my inner 90s Diva.

Alright so that was obviously hilarious, but I meant it. Something flipped once I bought that skirt & I’m loving the woman I am now because of it. It’s crazy what a piece of clothing can do for your outlook on life & fashion.

I love pairing my skirt with stripes {they’re my kryptonite} & my white converse. Here I was at Disney World finding the Walls of Disney with my family during the Fall – hence the glittery Minnie Mouse ears.

Told you I loved stripes & converse… Here I opted for a longer shirt {it was 70 degrees, okay} to still give the Fall appearance but be functional for the weather.

I think you can pair anything with this skirt; long sleeve, short sleeve, sweater, cardigan & tank top… even put tights under it for warmth during this cold season. I also am I firm believer that converse, sandals & ankle boots also look fab. I actually just purchased a pair of thigh high, black suede boots that I’m dying to pair with this outfit too… Will write about that once they finally come in {long story, dear lord}.


So there you have it, why I think the denim skirt is the greatest comeback this season. I encourage you to go find one & see if you love it as much as I do. I recently went back to look for another, and still haven’t found one that quite matches how I feel about mine. I eventually would love a corduroy one in burgundy & maybe a suede black one. Eventually.

Reader, I’m formally encouraging you! Buy yourself a new skirt, or ask for one for Christmas! I think it’s perfect & should be a staple in your closet. I love mine & everyone should have a chance to feel like a 90s denim diva too… Let me know what you think & if you love yours too! x -A

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