Double Trouble

I’m sitting here after workout class surround by my little pups & I decided it’s time I dedicate a post to them. This will probably be incredibly lengthy & full of photos/silly stories… so hang in there. Readers, meet Bailey & Leia – my precious pupper muffins.

Let’s travel back in time – almost three years ago, when newly married Amanda & Hubs were in their one bedroom apartment. I worked part time & was trying desperately to volunteer & get settled into my career working with animals. Needless to say, I was lonely & grumpy {hubs words… I’ll deny it}. We both had decided that we wanted a dog, but that it wouldn’t be smart in a one bedroom, third floor apartment. Smart. Right.

Well one thing my husband learned real quickly was that when I put my mind to something, good luck convincing me other wise. I started hitting him with phrases like “It’ll never be the perfect time…” or “When will we ever actually have ‘enough’ money…” & “Can we really plan every second of our life like this…” It worked & within a month we were headed to Petsmart to just look. HA!

Enter my first fur child, Leia. It was like a movie scene. We walk up. Hub’s head turns. Their eyes meet. He picks her up. She never leaves his arms. Love – at – first – sight. He had always grown up with black lab mixes, so I knew if we happened upon one {I totally called ahead of time to check that they had some} he couldn’t say no.

Okay. I bamboozled him. How dare I, right?! I don’t care, we needed her. She needed us. Match made in heaven, okay? Leia – after the infamous galactic princess lived up to her stubborn name. We were quickly hit with refusals to sleep. Refusals to potty train. Refusals to walk like a non crazy dog on a leash.

Leia brought spunk, spontaneity, multitudes of cleaning supplies, noise complaints, mega cuddles & sprinting after her sprinting after a squirrel into our lives. We quickly realized a few things about our Leiakins: She is fiercely loyal to her parents, but more importantly my hubby. Lord have mercy, he is her savior, her protector, her best friend & love of her life. It’s precious. It’s heartwarming… It’s everything he had as a child with his doggies. They’re bonded. Leia follows him around daily, sleeps at his feet & will refuse to get up in the morning until he’s up. Leia Leia Baggins – as he calls her – is his little hobbit who will never ever do him wrong. My little Leia girl is best known for snuggles, barking at plastic bags that blow by, being SO excited to meet new people that she can barely contain herself & her signature one ear pose.

Our precious black dog loves car rides, peanut butter, chewing on her paws & terrorizing the house when we would leave…  {kennel training worked wonders, she’s perfect now} Leia loves to lick you to show her love – hence the nick name giraffe tongue. She also has no personal space bubble, so nothing is sacred. She will sit on your face while you’re sleeping, sit on your chest while you’re watching TV & lay her head on you while you’re eating.

Flash forward from June to October…

While my family & I were in St. Augustine shopping, a man walked up to us with a puppy in his hand… from across the road I shout “PUPPY” & run over to go pet it. Smart, right? He tells us that he’s giving her away for free to a good home because he has a litter that he can’t feed. As I’m already thinking of names in my head for her, my sister rips her out of my arms & she never returned. My dad was even like “Yeh, no. This ones ours.” {Dakota was meant for them, I’ll admit} As I was bumming but also realizing two would be a lot in our apartment, the man comes back with another precious angel: my Bailey girl.

I was in instant love. I called hubby – who was luckily distracted by watching a football game at home – & broke the news… “I FOUND ANOTHER PUPPY. SHE’S FREE. IM SORRY. I COULDNT LET HER GO.” It’s true. I couldn’t. I don’t think he actually heard me or comprehended that I was actually serious. I was. Whoops. I came home to him & Leia shellshocked. Leia’s world quickly went from a family of three to four… & she handled it with the utmost grace.

Bailey brought a new personality to the mix & meshed perfectly. She was the yin to Leia’s yang. The spunky to her lively. The sassy to her loving. They were bonded from the start & it was amazing to see their relationship grow as the years went on. Leia now protected Bailey – she wouldn’t leave her side. At every yelp or bark, she was there to oversee & care. They were & still are the best of friends. While hub’s first response was “AMANDA – Leia just started sleeping through the night…. really?!” he learned that we were missing so much without them both in our lives.

Bailey – fondly called BaeRae, BaeBae, BaeBear, etc brought the SASS with her. I didn’t think a dog could so perfectly embody my personality, but oh my lord was I wrong. She is sassy, she is mischievous, she is bold, manipulative & always gets what she wants by way of cuddles & love. This doggo had my heart. They both did. Bailey was a quick learner & was able to grasp some small behaviors… a crowd favorite being “Smile.” We have literally caught her framing her sister, opening her kennel & sneaking back in. We’ve also caught her opening doors, opening the toilet lid & drinking the water because we weren’t moving fast enough. She also enjoys swimming in the hammock alone, giving you glares that burn your kidneys & judging you while you eat something without her.

My Monsters. My Bailey & Leia. Our Brown Dog & Black Dog. The ‘kins… They love each other. They love us. We love them. I honestly can’t imagine our lives without them – Yes I can. They’re be more sleep, more quiet, less destroyed furniture… but such a missing part of our happiness. They’re our girls… They’re our parent’s grandpups… They’re spunky, sassy, energetic & oh so lively. I can’t live without them…

They’re my minions, my monsters, my best friends, loves & protectors. Believe me, if the world ends by squirrel or plastic bag takeover, I’ll be covered. They’ve grown so much in the past two years & don’t want them to get any older. Our days at home are spent with snuggles, the occasional olympic races around the house, barking at geese & watching Hallmark movies with me. Dad runs them when he gets home from work & riles them up until they crash. They’re going to be the best siblings to actual youngins someday… eager to protect, love & play.

I could on forever as you can tell about my pups. Everyone should have that, especially during this season. Whether it’s with a cat, dog, hamster, snake or fishy, having a pet to share your home with makes this season even better. Adopting them was my best bamboozle yet… x -A

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