Christmas Bucket List


CHRISTMAS IS ALMOST HERE!!! That being said, are there things on your list of Holiday traditions that you just need to complete? Let’s talk about mine & everything I force my husband to do in the process.

  1. Put up inside Christmas decorations – normally I wait until December 1st, but this year I got the itch & they went up the Monday after Thanksgiving. I can’t they’re just so beautiful, ok? We have three trees, stockings, a multitude of ornaments, nativity scene & a very special advent calendar.


2. Put up outside Christmas decorations – I still am trying to convince hubs that putting up the lights outside will be more than worth it. Our neighborhood kind of has a competition about it… especially our across the street neighbors. Seriously. It’s like a scene out of the Grinch – they add more each weekend.

3. Holiday Shopping – While these days it’s way easier to do all shopping online, I fully enjoy the hustle & bustle of shopping centers during the Holidays… I’m crazy, I know. I love to physically buy the item, walk around with the bag & then wrap it at home. I think it’s something about having the object in my hand & being able to inspect it before purchasing.


4. SeaWorld Christmas – it’s a tradition since we moved to the south… As most of you know, animals are my thing. I love them. They love me. It’s great. Something about SeaWorld at Christmas time is incredibly magical. The lights, the trees, the animals… I love it. And every year I drag my family to every single show so that I can get my fill. This year we saw SANTA {I asked for a Dolphin & he said he could try to accommodate that}, The Sea of Trees show, the infamous Ice Skating show {that my sister know all the choreography to}, the adorable Clyde & Seymore’s countdown to Christmas show & drumroll please……. Shamu’s Christmas Miracles. It’s my favorite & I literally cry every single time. No shame in my whale loving game.

5. Christmas Light Looking – each year growing up, we’d all pack in the car as a family & drive to the “fancy neighborhoods” to see all the Texas mansions & their lights. Man, the south doesn’t mess around. We’d snuggle up in blankets, blast the air condition {cause 70 degrees is winter} & sing christmas songs as we drove around. My favorite place to stop was the “Santa House” where they turned their entire garage into Santa’s workshop… Santa also made an appearance which was just amazing as a kid.

6. Ugly Christmas Sweaters – This was a new tradition that started when hubs & I got married. He has an obsession with VT & just had to buy one… Mine are slightly less in your face with a classic Penguins of Madagascar & Reindeer. {We bought them here Now we wear them every year loud & oh so proud.

7. Hallmark Movies – you just can’t go the entire holiday without watching a cheesy Holiday Hallmark movie… The small town man, the city girl. She hates christmas, he helps her learn to love again… They’re classically cheesy but oh so necessary.


8. Classic Christmas Movies – my favorites include: Elf, The Santa Claus, Home Alone, The Grinch Who Stole Christmas, Christmas Vacation, Rudolph & White Christmas. I know there’s MANY more, so if you get started now, you could still watch a new one each day!

9. Baking Christmas Cookies – This tradition normally ends in burnt cookies because we multitask while also watching movies. We make the cookies. We forget the cookies. We buy new cookies. Fail, but we’ll get better eventually. a170cfada0b3c4639319f6e2b5eba9e6---calories-burn-calories

So there we have it, my Holiday traditions all spelled out. I’m sure as the years go on, we’ll create more unique ones, but I really am fond of what we do. The Holiday’s is a great time to spend precious moments with family & friends… & I enjoy every single one. I love buying thoughtful gifts for family. I love watching movies that bring happy feelings of love & joy into my life. I love love love Christmas lights. And I especially love spending time with family during this month.

What did you think about my traditions? Are yours similar? Any you’d like to add? Let me know, because I’d love to hear about it. Remember: “The best way to spread Christmas cheer, is singing LOUD for all to hear.”  Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!! x -A

1 thought on “Christmas Bucket List”

  1. For me, it’s doing at least 4 Christmas concerts over 2 weekends and then singing at Christmas Eve Services. Since Christmas Eve falls on Sunday this year got the regular church service that morning to sing and then back for the Christmas Eve Service.


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