Mani Pedi, Baby

Let’s talk about what a great mani / pedi can do for you. Girl. {or boy, my hubs loves pedicures on the random occasion} For the longest time I could never afford to have my nails done on a regular basis… They were done for proms, homecomings, formals & whenever mom took pity on me when I was home from college. Since growing up & becoming an adult with a full-time job & husband, I can afford it, but I’ve been under the impression that due to the nature of my job {I dig in fish buckets all day & wear steel toed boots – glamorous}, it wouldn’t make sense to spend the money. OH WAS I WRONG. 


My co-worker & friend & mentor & fellow lover of all things wine & christmas finally convinced me to go get pedicures with her on a semi regular basis. It changed my perception on life, honestly. Sometimes you need a minute or thirty away from life. Sitting in that chair can work wonders, especially if you’re joined by your friend to just gossip & vent about life. I’ve been getting a pedicure every three weeks for the past month & a half – I swear I’m a happier person. It’s done something to my soul. Finally, at my last visit three weeks ago, I decided to bite the bullet & get a full acrylic set for the cruise we were going on. I wanted to look & feel like I was on vacation. If they chipped at work or broke after, I didn’t care…

My life changed. Before that, I had only gotten acrylic sets in french tips because I danced & we couldn’t have colors during recitals. Oh my goodness, I’ve been missing out. If anything, the full set gave me some added confidence in my life. It’s a thing – I swear. I felt fierce. I felt strong. I felt fashionable. I felt sexy. Who knew nails could do that for you. I went for a not so subtle blue because ocean & cruise, right? FAB.


To my surprise they lasted the entire three weeks at work without chipping or falling off, score one for me. I got them done in gel too, which immensely helped. Today I went back to my salon {yes I’m a regular now} & decided to get a fill. Ugh. I feel like a new woman yet again. New Nails – New ME!


I feel like I could conquer the worldddd. Maybe I will. This time I got them filed a little shorter, so that I could type & work a little bit easier. I also chose a plum wine color that I felt perfectly ushered in this fall season.


I realize that nails can be expensive to maintain… but don’t you think you deserve it this season? How hard have you worked in 2017? All those long hours, overtime, extra work… Don’t you think you deserve to TREAT YO SELF? I do. So I’m encouraging you to try it. Get that pedi. Take that 30 minute break away from the hustle & bustle of life. Give yourself a gift this season… the gift of fabulous nails & a new attitude. I promise you won’t regret it. Especially when your significant other {like mine} realizes your new confidence & feet/heels that don’t scratch them in bed. {sorry babe. I promise never again}

So there. I said it. New Nails, New You. It’s a thing & deep down I know you know it. I encourage you to treat yo self this Holiday season… you won’t regret it. x -A

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