What’s In My Bag?

Yessssss. If you know me {or have been reading my blog since inception} you’ve probably caught on that I have slightly expensive taste… okay. There. I said it. Since we got that out of the way, let’s dive into my Tory Burch Tote & see what’s hiding inside.


Let me go on record officially & say that this is by far my favorite purse in my collection currently. {I’m debating on doing a post about all my handbags, so stay tuned} Bless you, Tory Burch, for you have created the largest yet most lightweight purse I’ve ever owned. This purse’s name is Serena. {yes I name them} She’s named after the Gossip Girl Fashion Icon herself, Serena VanDerWoodsen.

In the show, Serena is all about large bags in neutral colors – hence the name choice. Also, hubs had bought me this bag right after we finished binging the entire GG show. No shame. So now that we’ve officially been introduced to Serena – both purse & icon – let’s see what she’s got.


After spilling out the contents of my purse, I noticed that I have an addiction to pens & Milani Lipsticks. While these contents might seem basic, I’ll explain why they’re must  haves in my daily life.

Let’s start:

  • Keys: necessary to drive my Prius Gretchen – She’s so fetch. 
  • Kate Spade Rose Gold Wallet: yasssss
  • Sunglasses: Rayban New Wayfarers in Black – a staple in my life
  • Breath Fresh Things: Gum, Spray, Strips – my husband needs them all
  • Chapstick: new favorite – green tea mint
  • Hand Sanitizer: Bath & Body Works – Jawsome Sea Breeze
  • Milani Lip Stick: OMG literally my obsession
  • Victoria’s Secret Compact Mirror
  • Teleties: my go to for hair ties
  • My Husband’s Fireman Challenge Coin
  • Mermaid Token from my bff who just moved
  • Special note from my Little that I’ve kept with me since senior year of college
  • Bic felt tip rainbow pens – no shame

Alright, now that we’ve seen the contents, let’s talk about some of my favorites.

Two Words: Milani. Lipsticks. Oooooooooh gurl. Were they my best find in college. Still are, to be honest. Their company has simply nailed the lipstick game, especially when they came out with their “matte” line. {I buy them at my local drugstore, but you can also order from their website} My favorites for this season include: Rose Femme, Matte Dreamy & Matte Naked. For most of my recent makeup looks, I’ve layered Matte Dreamy & Naked together… They work perfectly as a duo. I also have fallen in love with NYX’s Liquid Suede in “soft spoken.” *See them above in the following order: soft spoken, rose femme, matte dreamy, matte naked*

Moving on from the lipsticks, let’s discuss my favorite hair ties. How could I love a hair tie? It’s possible when you meet Teleties. I recently discovered these while at my Pure Barre class & have fallen, hard. They are cute, fashionable & don’t rip your hair out when you use them… I wear them at work, when I workout & always have spares in my purse. They come in two different sizes {thin & thick} & many different colors. Check them out!

So there you have it, what’s in my oversized & completely favorite bag Serena. Most of the time I get that reaction that it should literally hold my life in there, but that would make it so heavy… I like my bags light & carefree. It’s no fun to have your handbag weighing you down while out enjoying your day. Thanks for taking a look inside Serena with me… Thinking about doing an ode to all my handbags & the stories behind how I got them all. Let me know what you think! x -A


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