Lash Out Loud!

Alright. So often when out & about I get stopped by passerby’s asking “OH MY GOD, are those your real lashes?!” I giggle to myself, thinking how fabulous that would be, & reply “No, but they make me feel like I can conquer the world… want a pair? I’ll tell you where I got them.” Just like that, I’ve created another lash loving diva… I feel like a modern day super hero of beauty & confidence.


Okay, so lets TALK lashes… There’s many different brands out there, but let me introduce you to my tried & true. This brand is affordable, durable, natural & incredibly comfortable to wear. All things you should look for in a eyelash. Readers, meet Red Cherry Lashes!! {explore their site here}

So. Affordable. Each lash on their website is $4.99. {Say whatttttttt} You can also look them up on Amazon &  get bundles for a great price too. Hey, a deal is a deal.

DUR-A-BLE. These lashes that I have {Stevi #43} have been through exactly: 4 College Sorority Formals, The Miss USF Pageant, Graduation, my Wedding & any other time I felt like I needed to up the anti of diva-ness. *See below* IMG_6386

Natural. More so than not, people are in disbelief that I actually managed to grow my lashes THAT long because they literally look organic. Whenever I wear them, they’re seamlessly put on  my lids to where you can’t see where my lashes start & these ones end. {It’s a talent I mastered with the help of my friend & beauty expert, Savvy}

Comfortable. The most important one, honestly. These lashes are my jam. I swear… I could go on & on in this blog post about them, but comfortable lashes are key. If you can’t wear them for hours during your day or event, then why wear them at all, right? They’re not heavy, they don’t weigh down your lids – & honestly I even forget I’m wearing them until someone mentions it.


Above is a side by side of the two pairs of Red Cherry Lashes I’m loving the most right now… I currently own the Stevi #43 & literally just ordered the Wispy WSP 10 minutes ago {hence this post dedicated to them}. You can clearly see that the Stevi are a more dramatic look, while the Wispy give a more natural feel while still elongating your lashes. I encourage you to take a look at their site & find the lash for you…

Here you can see me rocking my Stevi’s – they’re long & fabulous, but also not ridiculous. Perfect for what I was looking for that day. A glammed up look for a friend’s last hoorah before moving away. Necessary.

Now lets talk adhesive. Duo is my favorite brand of glue for my lashes – I’ve literally used it since I was 10 in the multitude of dance recitals & pageants I’ve been in. I have ridiculously sensitive skin but have never EVER had a problem with this brand. {you can purchase it at any drugstore in the beauty aisle} I used to use the regular “clear” version of the glue, but yet again Savvy opened my eyes in college to the “dark” version. Dear god, old me used to put on lashes, then put liquid eyeliner over the glue residue on my lids…. ah. Don’t do that. Now I used the dark tone, which dries to black & depletes the need for excess eyeliner on your lid. Typically I do my lid & eyeliner then apply the lash. Easy peasy.

Now that we’ve talked lashes & adhesive, I encourage you to try a pair on! Buy some fabulous lashes & see what a new you can do. I swear they’re a confidence boost for me… Unlash that diva – haha so funny. Strut your stuff. Flutter those lashes to the cute hunk in your office & see what a difference it makes. My hubs swears I walk a little taller & more confident when I’ve got my Red Cherry bombshells on… You can too. x -A

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