Tis the Season…

Hello again! Sorry for the little vacation, but this Thanksgiving Holiday was somewhat busy for me. Between our  inlaws visiting, work & the hustle & bustle, it’s been a time before I could sit back down to write.  But here I am, & ready to be back.

During this past week, my social media timeline has been flooded with E N G A G E M E N T S ! {Seriously, like 6 of them & it’s not even Christmas yet} Oh it’s the most wonderful time of the year… People are in love, forevers are starting & you get to witness all of it. Some of us are more happy about that than others… {looking at you, sis}



If you’re like me, the people you love mean so much to you & you just want to give them the most meaningful gift to make sure they know how you feel. I’d like to think of myself as a pretty thoughtful gift giver… so I’m going to share what my favorite engagement / wedding gifts were since that season is upon us. Everything from thoughtful lower budget gifts {if you have multiple friends engaged like I do} to the higher end gift.

1. The “Does this ring make me look engaged” Mug


This gift is probably my go to when it comes to giving friends something right after they get engaged… I mean, why not have another reason to flaunt that gorgeous diamond. The mugs are cute & let the world know “I’m engaged, duh” {Here you can see my bestie from college showing off her new diamond & mug combo} You can find them at many stores, my go to is Francesca’s. They have tons of cute wedding / engagement knick knacks at an affordable price.

2. Monogrammed Wine Glasses

What a way to show the friend in your life that you support her & her new name change! I am a personal lover of all things monogrammed. There was a time in college where you wouldn’t catch me without a monogrammed item on… I completely live by the rule “If it ain’t breathing, monogram it.”  That being said, you could find an etsy shop that does the monogramming for you, or do it yourself like I did here. I bought these from Michaels & was able to add them to any mug or surface I wanted. {I also used them on my friend’s engagement mug on the backside}

3. The Wedding Box

Okay, this gift was one of my favorites when my husband & I got married. It was given to us by our sweet aunt, who helped us learn to cherish the small things. The “Marriage Box” is a sentimental gift that helps the couple learn to build their marriage from the ground up. She encouraged us to fill our box with things that held value to us; special wine corks, invitations, keys to our first apartment & house, dog collars & special mementos… Each year on our anniversary, hubs & I look in the box to see how much our lives have grown. It’s a great tradition & one I love to pass down to the next couple getting married.

4. Watercolor Custom Ring Painting

Last but certainly NOT least, the custom ring painting. This is the most fabulous & stunning thing I think I have ever stumbled upon… Holy talent. This instagrammer, painter, blogger & jewelry designer literally does it all. Jessie Kuruc paints the ring setting on professional paper or canvases & gives the bride / groom something to remember forever. You could design a just engagement band, ring + wedding ring combo, Bride & Groom’s rings combo while also adding the date, couples names, etc. Stunning. Is. An. Understatement. While it’s on the pricier side of engagement gifts, I could literally justify every single cent. Maybe think about combining this as an engagement / bridal shower / wedding gift… It would be incredibly worth it. She is in high demand & only opens her shop a couple of times a year {one being very soon at the Holidays} so stalk her page & gets yours while you can. Her site to order is here.

So there you have it, a small list of engagement gifts that I’m convinced the soon to be Bride will never forget… Whether you’re buying these for a Bridal Shower, Engagement Party or even a Wedding, I know these are sure to make an impact & show how much you care about the couple & their happiness. I love watching the people I love find forever in each other, cheesy, I know. But since it’s the holidays, you’d better get used to it… So get ready, cause the season is here. Let me know what you thought about the list of gifts & if you have any to add! x -A E0zkd0z

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