Two Fashion Myths – Debunked

Here we go… Now one of my earlier blog posts talked about destroying the fashion myth “Don’t mix gold with silver,” but this post will be dedicated to debunking two more:

  1. Denim can’t be worn with Denim – that’s not cool
  2. You’re only allowed to wear white between Memorial Day & Labor Day

Alright… So when I think of denim, I’m instantly transported back into the glorious 90s & all the fashion trends of that time. Dark, starched denim that was fit for country legends wearing boots & sexy cowboy hats. I think it must have been a macho thing – the darker, straighter & stiffer the jeans, the more of a man you were. I’m not opposed by all means… after all, I did grow up in the great ole country of Texas, so my standards of a MAN could be slightly skewed…. *swoon*

Once you get past the cowboy vibe, my mind instantly goes to the most glorious 90s photo there ever was… Enter the iconic Justin Timberlake & Brittany Spears full denim outfits. I’m dead. Dying. I can’t. But you know what, they owned that outfit & I’m sure still get a great laugh about how fashion sense has changed in the past 20 something years. {I know I have} IMG_6045

The commitment to this look deserves all the awards. So let’s get down to business & talk how to rock full denim in the current millennial era. One thing I’ve learned from my fellow Millennials is that we like to bring back fashion trends that have come before, but with our own modern twist to it… Denim was a great invention that I believe anyone can rock & feel comfortable with. Typically, people use dark denim to give a slimming effect to whatever body part they’re wearing it on. For women, that’s usually our legs. My favorite place to buy jeans is American Eagle. Bless them. I’ve been wearing their jeans since freshman year of high school {I still have a pair that fits – they’re magical}. They make durable jeans FOR TALL WOMEN!! You’ll see that most of my photos involve me wearing my AE Denim X Hi-Rise Jeggings in Deep Sea Blue. It’s an addiction… But I can’t help how great they feel & how amazing I feel in them.

So if dark denim slims… that means light denim must highlight an area of our bodies! {gee almost like that blog post I did about the highlight & contour… see what I did there} So again, for women, we typically like to slim our waist & legs while accenting our upper torso area. I mean, your milkshake won’t bring any boys to the yard if you’re hiding it… omg. Kidding. Sorry mom. – I’d also like to mention that I took a poll on my instagram {follow me here} & when asked if “wearing double denim sacred you” … 27% of my followers said YES while 73% said NO. I’m impressed, guys. Rock that double denim. Below you can see better how I paired dark denim on the bottom half of my body while also utilizing lighter denim on top. {get the look: accessories, glasses, denim shirtshoesIMG_5922

Okay, see? It can be done. I’d like to think I have some fashion sense {I mean I’d hope because you all are reading this & I’m writing it soooo}, but does this outfit not work great? See if you can experiment around with different types of denims to find your perfect look. I was able to keep with the “Fall” vibes down here in the South, yet also was completely comfortable/fashionable while doing it. Denim doesn’t have a season… it’s a year round obsession in my book.

So, now that we’ve cleared up the Denim myth, let’s move to our next one: No white after Labor Day. Now, it’s been brought to my attention recently that because I live in the South, I can get away with breaking this rule on a daily basis… just because of the nature of the warm weather here. WRONG. Anyone can break this rule, regardless of where you live. Honestly it shouldn’t even be a rule anymore…. IMG_6040

So yes, I live in the South where we dance in flip flops all year long while sipping our margaritas by the beach, laughing at those struggling up North in the snow {it’s not wrong… you could move here too, you know}. Regardless, wearing white doesn’t just mean your beachy linen attire – it expands to white cable knit sweaters, white jeans, ivory coats, etc. You mean to tell me that you’re just going to avoid that because someone at some point in time made this silly rule? Please. Break out of the box. While it’s not quite sweater weather down where I live, I can still wear white tastefully & style it for a fresh fall look. {you can recreate the outfit: dress, similar bag, booties}

Above you can see that I paired my dress with my trusty ankle boots to give my outfit a slightly more “Fall” appearance. While this outfit is still fresh faced & bright, it definitely still goes with the season – especially the one we’re having down here where I live. All of that aside, I still got compliments from literally everyone about this dress, even if it’s not your typical “Fall fashion”. {UM IT HAS POCKETS TOO OKAY} So break the rules, the point of having personal style is to make it your own. {Polled my instagram followers about this topic too: 100% said to werk that white dress gurllll} Proud. Below I’m going to show you some great options of incorporating white into a more Northern climate. You’re welcome.

So moral of the story here is that you should be creative in what you wear… & don’t be confined to fashion myths. All these ladies totally rocked their winter white & I’d love to see you try it to! Rules were made to be broken!! Wear all denim, or don’t. Wear white alllllllll year long, or don’t. Honestly, it’s your world, your fashion – & we’re just here to cheer you on! Speaking of that – show me your winter white looks or all denim adventures! I’d love to hear about if it worked for you, or other fashion myths you’d like me to debunk. Seriously, who knows, you might even create the next trend while you’re breaking the rules 😉 x – A

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