A Beautiful Glazed Donut…

Let’s talk the importance of the highlight. While this might be scary to some of you, it’s oh so necessary for a perfectly balanced face while doing your makeup. Growing up  learning about the new trend to contour my face, I didn’t catch up to highlighting until my dear friend Savvy & I discovered it at a makeup workshop in Sephora for a collegiate pageant. {Okay I’m sure she discovered it LONG before that, but that was the moment we both oogled over a specific highlighter}

World, meet Savvy. {follow her NYC adventures on instagram here} She’s my go to for all my makeup/hair/beauty questions & literally taught me everything I know from contour to setting to baking to strobing. The girl knows it all. You can see how our makeup has changed *improved* over the years of college & how we’ve grown into our own versions of fabulous women. She taught me to be confident in my bone structure & that wearing false eyelashes is ALWAYS a good idea. Savvy would always harp on me to pair my contour with a highlighter, but I was too afraid to bring attention to my already oily skin. Oohh was I wrong. {you’ll never ever catch me saying that again, so enjoy world}

When you contour your face, you’re creating shadows to give your face dimension. In order to avoid the flat, sunken in appearance, highlight areas of your face where the light naturally hits… that will bring your face back into the sunSHINE. Some people are so good at it that you can actually alter the bone structure appearance of your face. There’s a fine line between simply enhancing your natural beauty & changing your bone structure… It’s an art form, I swear. Respect.


So why contour/highlight? I like to think that when I do my makeup this way, I’m not lying to the world but stealing back the 5-10lbs the camera adds to my face when I cheese it up – which is often. I used to hate my smile growing up, it’s soooooooo cheesy & my eyes sink in blah blah blah. Doing my makeup & finding out that I was half way decent at it really gave me confidence to embrace my features & appreciate what I have. CbRIMTSWEAAHD2QAlright. So since college, I semi highlighted but never fully committed. About two months ago I broke while shopping in Ulta & bought my very first “name brand” makeup piece. Enter Jaclyn Hill’s Champagne Pop by Becca Cosmetics. Back story: Jaclyn Hill is a queen among youtube makeup artists & is literally the cutest & most fashionable girl out there. {see her gush about her product here} She partnered with Becca Cosmetics & created the most fabulous highlighter out there. It literally looks good on everyone.

So I bought it & fell madly in love. Holy highlight. I want to roll in it & feel like a shimmery queen. I instantly started doing my makeup magically better…  began contouring & baking my setting power… it’s like the magic of Champagne Pop inspired me. My husband instantly noticed the difference in my face & confidence while out & about… he started calling me his beautiful glazed donut girl. Weird, I know – but also cute. Below you can see me sporting my Champagne Pop Highlighter while out with my girlfriends enjoying this amazing weather. 

Here I am, encouraging you to be your own beautiful glazed donut! It doesn’t have to be with Champagne Pop, but I think you should go outside your comfort zone & buy some highlighter. Bring out those natural features this holiday season & spread some sparkle. I guarantee you’ll feel extraordinary… which you know you are.

So there you have it, my ode to the highlight. Still learning. Still experimenting. Can’t wait to get that Ipsy Box I talked about for Christmas so I have a chance to sample even more name brand products… see what I did there? Hint Hint. Cough Cough. If you liked this blog post, I might consider doing a walk through of my makeup routine… we’ll see how good I get at it. Until then, remember: “People only throw shade at things that SHINE!” SO YOU’D BETTA SHINE GURL!  x – A

2 thoughts on “A Beautiful Glazed Donut…”

  1. Yes! A makeup routine walk through!!!!
    I subscribe to Birchbox and love it. The Nov. box had a highlighter, and you inspired me to try it instead of gifting it. Loving your blog and topics.


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