All I Want For Christmas…

I’m sitting here, in 48 degree weather, drinking my morning cup of coffee with my fake fireplace on… when I turn on the TV & am immediately hit with CHRISTMAS! Christmas is my favorite time of year & the fact that it’s more & more socially acceptable to celebrate the season earlier makes me so happy. Last year I made my husband help me put up our decorations in mid November so that our family could see them for Thanksgiving. There’s just something about the cold weather & holiday spirit that can brighten any scrooge’s day.

I know that it’s still November, but let’s talk Christmas Lists – looking at you, hubs. Take notes! Each year for christmas, my tastes change more & more to things that will last me the whole year instead of the hottest toy like when I was younger. It’s funny, I distinctly remember one Christmas at my grandparent’s house when all the cousins were gathered around the fireplace opening presents. I screamed as I opened a LIMITED TOO SPARKLY FEDORA that I’d been wanting forever… Covered in sequins, rainbow colors; basically like Lisa Frank threw up on it. It. Was. Perfect. Meanwhile, my cousin opened a flannel & jeans from America Eagle and gave the same exact reaction… What?! I was so perplexed. I made my mom drive me to American Eagle the next week to see what store the “big kids” shopped at & my world was rocked. “Mom, it’s so BORING.” Where were the colors, the sequins, the cartoons, the personality?! Little did I know that my clothing taste would eventually lead me even farther to more boring stores little me would’ve never approved of. How dare I desert rainbow & sequins, right?

That being said, I’m usually the person that is very blunt about what I’d like as gifts. I’m picky. I like things to fit right… the only person who’s ever nailed clothes for me is my sweet momma. {except that “sexy” sweater two years ago… We’ll just look past that} She has a way of seeing something & knowing exactly who it’d be perfect for, & is honestly a year round gift giving. She makes everyone feel special on a daily basis… As a kid, she’d buy me gifts, be SO excited to give them to me that’d she’d just break & give them early. Then when it came time for Christmas, she’d count presents & realize I didn’t have as much as my other sisters, AND THEN GO BUY ME MORE. Mom, you do it every year… & I’ve never stopped you. 

Alright. So here we go. What I’m wanting this Christmas with links directly to the items in case you all are feeling generous. {There’s also this site where you can do the same & you can send it directly to family. Technology, am I right? Find it here}
1. Ray Ban New Wayfarers, Tortoise Shell Gradient Lens

My hands down, favorite sunglasses to date. My husband actually bought these exact sunglasses for me about three Christmas’s ago… I wore them everywhere. I was so protective of them too, my first name brand sunglasses… Well I brought them with me on a deployment for work; long story short, my bag fell off the truck & they shattered. I WAS CRUSHED. I could’ve bought another pair, but it was something about hubby buying them for me that made them so special. 805289295532_shad_qt

2. Tory Burch Miller Sandals in Light Makeup

I’ve had my eye on these sandals since college. I decided last year to make my Jack Rogers purchase, and this year I’m looking at these. {Hey hubs, size 9} They’re cute, functional, fashionable & I’m just loving this neutral color. Perfect for the Spring & Summer seasons down here… I need.

3. Rose Gold Mantra Band Bracelet

This is one of my new favorite things I found while shopping after Pure Barre workout class. Mantra Band is a company that inspires optimism, positivity & a mindfulness lifestyle. Not only is the jewelry SO cute, but they have a great message behind it. They would make the most adorable gifts for girlfriends & significant others {they even make a masculine metal version. Ooooh gunmetal. So manly}. I have my eye on the rose gold “you are my person” & “just keep swimming”  bands. They apply. Okay, last thing I love about this company… from their site “We are a proud member of 1% For The Planet and donate at least 1% of annual sales to non-profit organizations to protect, preserve, and restore the natural environment.” I LOVE THAT OKAY. Make cute jewelry AND save the planet. Win/Win.

4. Mermaid Makeup Brushes

I mean this is self explanatory… I work in the ocean, I love mermaids & I love makeup. Are they the highest most rated & perfect brushes? No. Do I still have to have them? DUH. 10PCS-Mermaid-Makeup-Brushes-Set-Pro-Foundation-Blending-Powder-Eyeshadow-Concealer-Blush-Fishtail-Comestic-Brushes-Make.jpg_640x640

5. Ipsy Glam Bag Subscription

Oh wow, oh wow. Is this a gift that keeps on giving. My good friend was moving last month & was cleaning out her bathroom. We came across her Ipsy bags that her mom had bought for her this past year & I was in love. For $10 a month {depending on the package you purchase} you can get 5 top notch beauty products mailed to your front door. Each box averages $50 of product… they’re sample sizes, but they give you a change to try brand name beauty products without committing to buy the big size first. I’m obsessed. Go to the link above, take a quiz & you’ll be able to customize what is sent to you each month… Such a great idea.

6. The Shop Forward – 4 Things Tote 

Okay. I’ve had my eye on this bag for almost 6 months now, but I can’t decide what to customize it with. ONLY FOUR THINGS?! How does one choose only four things to describe my life… This bag is cute, functional & fun. Again, another site that supports something greater: “Espwa means ‘HOPE‘ in Haitian Creole, and these ‘4 Things™’ custom totes support spreading hope in Haiti. We work closely with an orphanage in Port-au-Prince, and they are so grateful for your support!” I’m thinking about going with “TEXAS. PURE BARRE. CHAMPAGNE. GREY’S ANATOMY” But how will I ever decide…

7. The Night Sky personalized print

This is more a gift I want to give to myself & hubs. The Night Sky is a company that prints the stars on a specific night that holds dear memories. You can pick from where you’re viewing the sky & what date. It gives you the coordinates to the location & prints the stars in a way that is truly magical; pick from just stars, a grid & even constellations. You also can put a special heading or message to describe that night forever. I’d love to buy two: One for the night hubs & I first kissed & the other for our wedding night. I’m sure there’s other shops on Etsy that do something similar for cheaper, but this shop just makes the process so easy & the results are stunning.


So there we have it… my Christmas list. Ranging from cute to sentimental, if I’m lucky enough to get anything on here, I’d be so grateful. While the true reason for the season isn’t gifts, it’s nice to spread that holiday spirit & know someone was thinking of you. I hope my list gave you some ideas for the special women in your life, or to drop subtle hints for those that need it. Spread some holiday cheer by picking out something special & personalized like the 4 Things Tote or Mantra Band that also supports a great cause… Whatever you decide, spread some cheer this upcoming holiday season! x- A

2 thoughts on “All I Want For Christmas…”

  1. Love your list. Loving the Night Sky prints! So original and special, but have to say I love those brushes. So cheerful and happy, and way too adorable to put away. Now I have Miller’s and proudly own one pair, but your color you want makes me want two. If only they were cheaper!!! Your Mom is the best at everything. I’ve been gifted several things from your Mom, and yes is she a great gift picker outer! Lucky gal. Have a great day. P.S. I love Christmas too.


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