This past weekend, my husband & I {with some amazing friends} went on a 4 day Carnival Cruise to the Bahamas. We had a BLAST and literally got everything we could out of the Cheers! drink package – even sea sickness the last day thanks to a nice cold front. I’m dedicating this blog post to all things cruises. How to pack, what to wear & my go to drinks during.

First. How to pack. My family & I have been incredibly fortunate to go on multiple cruises while growing up – ranging from Disney, Norwegian, Carnival & Fathom – so I’d like to think that I know my way around a ship. The most important thing that I’ve learned is the carry on & all it’s usefulness. The carry on, while just a beach bag is honestly your best friend when boarding a cruise. All lines will take your luggage before boarding and then place it outside your staterooms once they’re ready later in the day. During this process, what better to do than explore the ship, grab some drinks & start your relaxing vacation. On my carry on, I always bring my swim suit, a change of clothes, my jewelry & makeup. A few reasons behind this – sometimes your luggage can get misplaced along the way, so bringing a change of clothes & your essential items insures that you’ll at least have an outfit to get you to the next day (think of it as the same as flying on an airplane).

I typically also board the ship wearing my swim suit so I can head straight to the pool & grab a drink. This cruise, I opted for an off the shoulder, one piece, floral swim suit with a black coverup maxi skirt for my day 1 outfit. What was great about this choice was that most people thought it was a cute top/skirt combo, when in reality I was able to get into the hot tub that much faster. I bought it on a whim, on the way back from another vacation & it has become my favorite swimsuit to date. {you can purchase it here} While it might not be a complete functional swimsuit in the terms of swimming, if your game is lounging & floating this is the suit for you. I paired some minimal accessories with my outfit so the suit would be the front runner. See them here – jewelry, sunglasses, hat.

Day 2. We landed in The Bahamas and booked an excursion for catamaran snorkeling – highly recommend. The water was clear, the fish were everywhere & we even found a conch shell while swimming. This day I decided to wear a higher necked swim suit because I’m more likely to burn while swimming & not paying attention on the boat. I also wore my Pure Barre “Tacos are my life” tank top and grabbed a great photo op with at the taco bar onboard as a cover up. See below 

Later that night was “Elegant Night” aboard which my husband failed to mention when we booked the cruise {not all lines have one} but luckily I had brought a cute dress with heels that dressed it up. Ugh. Meanwhile my husband got away looking “fancier” with a polo & nice slacks… men. I love how they can look dressy just by swapping sandals for close toed shoes & jeans for khakis. Must be nice. But, even though the dress I wore was technically a sundress, a little bolder makeup, trendy hairstyle & some cute accessories made my look go from normal to elegant. See below.

Day 3 we ported at another island & decided to do some shopping, beaching & found some great Bahamian craft beer.  That day, I opted for these FAB Bahama tourist shop “hot pants” as my husband likes to call them, my Dolphin tank top {couldn’t resist}, Felicity – hub’s name for my Kate Spade purse, my favorite Platinum Jack Rogers & my trusty Vineyard Vines hat. I also wore my swim suit underneath in case we found a beach off the beaten path while shopping… which we did. Score! My look was lightweight but still functional as both an outfit & a swim suit coverup. Win/win. {We also came across the same cruise ship that hubby & I met on almost 5 years ago… flash down memory lane} See below.

Day 4 on the boat was our day at sea, aka the seasick day for everyone in our party except me… We hit a cold front & the boat would NOT stop rocking. Luckily for me, & everyone else, I had convinced them to bring jackets along. It didn’t help that with the cold front, came bigger waves & windier conditions. I brought my new favorite Lilly Pulitzer Captain Popover that I snagged during the After Party Sale this past summer {I paid half price, heyyyy}. We finally were able to make it upstairs & laid by the pool to get some fresh air… the irony of the below photo just kills me – seasick gloomy friends & then me. IMG_5765

Once they got some ginger ale & bitters in them {thanks pool bartender for the tip} they were all feeling TONS better. Speaking of the bartender, let’s talk drinks now… My husband & I had very different takes on the drink package during our cruise. I chose smart drink combos while he chose anything from blue margaritas to mudslides & fancy alcoholic milkshakes. While they were all amazing, he definitely felt them during the seasick day. My recent go to drink has been a Gin & Tonic – low calorie, refreshing & hydrating. I mean, it has the H20 built in already without even thinking about it.  My gin & tonics by the pool did me well, while I grabbed some Mimosas or Bloody Mary’s for breakfast & finished off with Dirty Martinis for dinner.

All in all, we had a complete blast on our cruise… & I can’t wait to go on another. I hope this blog post helped you learn the importance of the carry on, to bring clothes to prepare for any storm that may brew while out on the boat & how to pick drinks that will help you have fun but also stay hydrated. Comment what you think below and any tips you’ve learned on your vacations! x – A

2 thoughts on “Cruisin’”

  1. This is awesome information! I haven’t taken a cruise yet but I want to really soon! These tips are great! Thank you Glad you all had an amazing trip !!

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  2. Glad you had a blast! Love following you on your adventures. Your tips on swimsuit and accessories that go from lunch, shopping to beach is great. Can’t wait for your next blog. Xoxo.

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