Yellow Gold & Rose Gold & Silver, OH MY!

This past weekend my family & I went to this adorable Craft Beer Walk in NSB down by the ocean. We paid $20 & got tickets that were good for sampling craft beers all along this quaint farmers market happening down Canal Street; I highly recommend.

So confession time. It was definitely 77 degrees outside, but I had JUST snagged this Red Wine Cardigan for a steal… & I wanted to wear it, regardless the weather. I had seen a similar one at another retailer {FOR $60 DEAR LORD} & knew I could find something along the same lines. Low & behold, while grocery shopping I stumbled upon this adorable piece of clothing with an even more whimsical back.

Alright, the greatest thing about cardigans is that when you live in the South & the weather isn’t cooperating you can wear a tank top & still get your desired look across. I opted for the above cardigan, an olive tank, my new favorite black fedora, my trusty jeans, black booties & some of my recent go to accessories.

Alright. Accessories, let’s talk them. I’m a firm believer that all golds were created equal & meant to be mixed. I think one of the common misconceptions in the accessory world is that if you’re wearing yellow gold, you can’t wear rose or white gold as well. WRONG. If done tastefully, I think mixing them is what personalization is all about.

Above, I have on a Fossil Gold/Tortoise Shell watch, an Alex & Ani Mermaid Bracelet, Kate Spade Rose Gold Bow & Lily & Laura Rose Gold Beaded Bracelet… a mix of yellow & rose golds perfectly balanced. In the next photo, you can see my white gold wedding ring {heyyyyy thanks hubs} & my newest necklace obsession: SPARKLE LIFE. I literally could do an entire post all about this new & upcoming company my friend works for… &  probably will, to be honest.

Alright, to be brief, I paired my three favorite beads {Champagne, Metallic Gold Fade, Metallic Gold} with the Nautilus Pendant & 36″ Chain. This again proves that GOLD & SILVER CAN GO TOGETHER… told you. Don’t be afraid!

So while this post started as an ode to my Red Wine Cardigan, it ended with me preaching about GOLD. Whether it’s White Gold or Rose Gold or Yellow Gold {oh my!}, mix it… match it… just play around with the idea of it & be confidently beautiful. I’m all about justice for mixing golds, clearly. x -A

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